Friday, September 30, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 8

The newest Baudelaire addition is finally here! As you can see their parenting skills are not all that great.
Alright who put him in the floor? He is somewhat named after Everleigh, introducing Evan Baudelaire!

Millie: "YAY!"
Thats right, YAY.. Birthday time for Millie has come again.

Millie is turning out very pretty, heir for the next generation maybe?

Millie: *Dance Dance, with a strange face*
She is just a little strange.

Scratch that last thought... Millie is VERY strange.

Evan is a toddler now! A little cutie, isn't he?

Hudson is growing up so fast! His parents would be so proud.

Murphy, well.. I don't have much to say about Murphy.

As you can see Brodeigh is pregnant with her 3rd and Everleigh has come back to unite with Brodeigh's unborn child, sweet but creepy at the same time.
I just realized that I forgot to feed their new fish.. oops. Look in the background and you can see a floating fish.

Millie: "I'm gonna beat your butt on this game!"
Hudson: "Keep dreamin' "
Murphy: "Maybe if I sit perfectly still they won't see me here"

Evan is growing up way too fast but he is turning out to be a cutie.
Brodeigh's latest pregnancy turned out to be TWINS! Two more Baudelaire babies.

The first twin is a little girl.
Introducing, Kimber Baudelaire!

And her twin brother, Henley Baudelaire!

I love the little mohawk.