Monday, September 26, 2011

Introduction To The Baudelaire Legacy - Chapter 1

Welcome to the first chapter and the first generation of the Baudelaire legacy, here you will read about the ups and downs of living life as a Sim controlled by me.
I use no cheats at all and no help from a maid, nanny or anyone else.

*Just remember the beginning of this legacy is a little bad with not many pictures, bad graphics and I was just starting to write but it does get better*

Meet the Baudelaire founders:
Introducing, Jake Baudelaire!
The dramatic founder of this legacy.
Introducing, Emily Baudelaire!
You will see many blue eyed Baudelaire babies from her!
Their humble home.
It's not that big right now but it's all they have and they are together in their happy little home and that is all that matters!
The Baudelaire Legacy, where do I start? The Baudelaire's are a well known family in Sunset Valley, the story began with Jake and Emily Baudelaire. Jake and Emily moved to Sunset Valley years ago because they wanted a fresh start and a new beginning, they were recently married and didn't have much money but they knew that Sunset Valley was the place for them and their future children. They bought a small lot right on the edge of town and built a small 2-bedroom, 1-bath house.

As Jake went out to find the perfect job to pay for the many children to come Emily decided to go down to the park and meet some people of the neighborhood but once they both got home they quickly got down to business creating the second generation babies.. before they knew it Emily started to show and they started to read pregnancy books and think of names!

As Emily's belly grew more and more everyday they started to think there might be more than one baby on the way, Emily was just way too big to be carrying just one baby, wasn't she?
One evening they were sitting down for dinner and Emily got up from the table and started to grab her stomach and make the strangest faces, Jake being the dramatic Sim that he is got up and started to freak out..

After things settled down and Jake calmed down they made their way to the hospital to deliver their new baby. Not much to their surprise Emily did end up having more than one baby... How many did she have?


  1. Murphy's Law Legacy brought me here and I'm enjoying your story so far. Jake and Emily make an adorable couple, and I can't wait to see what the kids look like!

    Fee free to check mine out as well:
    Memoirs Of A City Girl

  2. I am glad that you are enjoying it, I don't spend much time writing because I like to let my Sims write the story for me. You have 6 (almost 7) generations to enjoy, I will check yours out too :)

  3. hi i love the story i was wandering how you could get them to go to a hospital to have babies?

  4. Thank you :)
    To get them to go to the hospital wait until they are in labor and then you can click on the hospital and the option to "Have baby at hospital" should pop up and they will go to the hospital to have the baby :)

  5. i dont have a hospital on my sims?

  6. What Sims are you playing? PC or console? The Sims 1, 2 or 3? The hospital is only on The Sims 3.

  7. oh ok ive only got sims 2 thanks :)

  8. hi i love this ive read it all! i was wandering what expansion packs you have as i am interested in getting sims 3 and some expansion packs. i was also wandering if you could possibly look at my blog as i am interested in your opinion as you are an amazing blogger!
    louise :)

  9. the link to it is by the way :)

  10. The only expansions I have is Ambitions, Generations and Pets, I'm not very interested in the other ones. I will look at your blog later today when I get the chance :)
    I am glad you have enjoyed my legacy, I am going to post a new chapter later today.

  11. I have been seeing your colorful pictures on facebook and decided to check out your blog. Can't wait to get into it.


    1. I hope you like it. :D
      The beginning isn't the best but I think it gets better. ^_^

  12. Hi um, I was wondering if you can put the family's first home up to download? I understand if you can't b/c it was so long ago

    1. It's been so long since they lived there I don't have that house anymore, that was before I started saving all of them and their houses. If you wanted to rebuild it, it should be easy, it's just a basic square house. ^_^

  13. This legacy is famous in the Sims Players World's, so I must read the Baudelaire's adventures ! :D Two or three children... What a good beginning ! I want know, quickely ! Oh, I've already click on the Newer Post Button, so good bye :D

    (Sorry if I don't write very well, I'm french ;))

  14. Hi, I know you already told in your post "CC contents', but can you give me exactly where you found your skin. Your link send me to a tumblr where a lot of skins are given, but what is yours?