Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 285

I thought the party was over but I guess it's not, Cassie brought a guitar with her and started playing after everyone left.

Brenner: "I'm going to do something very evil to her."

It's good that they have thick fur because that's a lot of snow!

Frostwind: "They must be freezing!"

Frostwind: "I'm never going out in that snow."

It's time for Keinlyn to age up and move out! Brenner is happy.

Keinlyn: "I'm happy too, I get out of this crazy place."

Keinlyn: "I'm not happy about this though, sparkles feel weird!"

Sundance: "Is that... my daughter??? She's older now!"

She's older and even prettier!

Keinlyn: "Finally time to pack my bags and get out of here, yes!"

WHY?! Get off of the counters!

I don't know who these people are, nobody is having a party but they invaded and started partying!

Frostwind: "It's my party."

Really? You couldn't do it on a different counter?

Fester: "You were watching me groom myself?!"

Brenner is evil but he has a sweet side.

Zaylee: "I'm going to invent a potion that will make everyone evil like me, mwahaha!"

Zaylee: "That didn't go as planned..."
Frostwind: "You smell like burnt toast."

Brenner: "How is the potion making going?"

Zaylee: "Not good... not good at all."

Fester hides away in the upstairs master bedroom playing with the feather toy all day.

Fester: "Got you!"

And of course, napping in the bed.

Brenner loves the pets, it's cute to see his sweet side.

Total opposites.

Fester is house trained, Hemingway is not.

Brenner: "The dog peed in the floor? Sweet."

Brenner: "I think I might pee in the floor too."

No, please don't.

Ierik: "I can taste the snowflakes!"

He's gone crazy, there's no snowflakes.

I don't think that will work very well during the day, Zaylee.

Ierik having a little fun with the bar, he keeps breaking things.

Ierik: "Whoops!"

Zaylee: "I just saw aliens doing things..."

Zaylee: "Dirty things!"

Clementine is napping, that doesn't surprise me.

Zaylee: "Someone get up and dance with me!"

Zaylee: "It can be a dance off!"

Ierik: "How was your nap?"

Clementine: "It was nice, until you woke me up breaking those glasses."

Hemingway: "I smell a gem, out of my way!"

Hemingway: "I know I'll find it, be back later!"

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