Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 282

Pennie: "Do I smell someone cooking?"

Sorry Pennie, someone beat you to it!

Wesker: "I love the smell of pancakes."

Hemingway: "Wesker is going to get my pancakes!"

Hemingway: "I need to eat everything to make sure I get them."

Loklyn: "I miss my beautiful wife!"

Brenner: "Mwahahaha!"

Grim: "Okay, now you're scaring ME."

Brenner: "Hehehe, I love it when Grim shows up."

I don't! It always means we have to say goodbye to a beloved Baudelaire.

Whisker Baudelaire
September 25, 2014 - February 11, 2015

Clementine: "Are you happy now?"

To clean the toilet, you must be the toilet.

Wesker: "To find the hidden catnip, take a left at the end of the hallway."

Fester: "Got it!"

Fester: "Out of my way, I'm on a catnip mission."

Team work! Loklyn is working on dinner while Brenner fixes the broken dishwasher.

Brenner: "Yes... I 'fixed' it. Mwahaha!"

Fester wants some belly rubs.

Fester: "Ahhh, feet feel so good on my back."

Keinlyn: "What are you doing to me, kitty?"

Milo sleeps with Loklyn every night since Sawyer died, he knows Loklyn is lonely.

He matches the blankets!

Clementine found the only quiet room in the house to do her homework.

While Zaylee drips water everywhere while eating by the plant...

Who are you and why are you here?!

The kids brought a dinosaur home from school, he's destroying the house!

Keinlyn: "Dinosaurs scare me, I'm outta here!"

There's another one! The kids need to stop bringing other kids home.

Wesker: "Why are you crying?"

Ierik: "I can't bring kids home from school anymore!"

Is he playing Zoo Tycoon?!

At least this one has calmed down.

Or not! Get out of here, you're not allowed to do that!

Evil little kids destroying everything.

Look at him, he's happy about it too!

They even broke the bathroom sink!

Loklyn: "Find the bad kids!"

Hemingway: "I'm on it!"

Hemingway: "Where are they?!"

Brenner: "Did those kids break the laptop too???"

Ierik: "I hope dad doesn't think I broke the laptop!"

Keinlyn: "Who's a cute little doggy? You are!"

Milo sleeps like me.

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