Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 284

"I bet you're wondering who I am?"

Frostwind: "My name is Frostwind and I'm adorable."

Frostwind: "I'm from the Cohen family! You can adopt me or my siblings from catlover800!"

Frostwind: "You know you want to adopt me because I'm fabulous!"

Pennie: "That little kitten IS fabulous!"

Frostwind: "Is that dog watching me?!"

Hemingway: "If the cat is talking about me then the answer is YES!"

Frostwind: "Come down here and love me!"

Frostwind: "Pleeeeaassse!"

Frostwind: "Someone is finally paying attention to me!"

Brenner upgraded all of the umbrellas!

Frostwind: "Why are you orange?!"

Ierik: "I hope Frostwind doesn't ask why I'm blue."

Frostwind is adorable.

Frostwind: "Stop stalking me."

Frostwind: "Is this the right selfie pose?"

Frostwind: "This carpet feels so good!"

It must have felt good because she went right to sleep!

Frostwind: "Enough with the stalking!"

Random sims are starting to show up...

That means... party time!

Random Sim: "There's not enough presents here!"

Sundance: "Everyone gather around, it's time to open presents!"

Blake: "I wanted more presents!"

Cassie: "This party is so boring."

Cassie: "I should have ignored Sundance and stayed home."

Cassie: "Everyone here hurts my brain."

Random Sim: "You need a seat? I can try to scoot over."

Clementine: "Are we getting to the present opening or what?"

Blake: "I can't find anywhere to sit!!!"

It's time to open presents, not dance!

Zaylee: "I would rather dance."

Zaylee: "I guess I'll pretend to be happy about this."

The couch was full so Cassie found her a spot on the floor.

Ierik: "Haha, mom is in her underwear!"

Cassie: "Look at her, she's in her underwear!"

Are we finally opening presents?!

Frostwind: "I'm ready to ope... whoops!"

Frostwind: "Just play it off like I meant to do that..."

Zaylee: "Yay, I got a nice present."

Ierik: "Hmmm, what is this?"

Ierik: "It's awesome whatever it is."

Keinlyn: "My present sucks, I hate this party."

Samuel: "Mine does too, I'm never coming to a party here again!"

The party is over so it's time to see Frostwind's traits!