Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 286

Zaylee: "I flew a little too high!"

Fester: "You're mine this time, laser."

Fester: "It got away again!"

Brenner makes breakfast every morning, there's a pile of food in the refrigerator. 

Clementine: "There's something on the back of your head."

Ierik: "There's something on your face, let me kiss it!"

Reminder: Even though Clementine was raised in the family, she is NOT a Baudelaire, there's no relation between Clementine and Ierik. I don't want anyone to think there's any kind of brother/sister relationship between them.  :P

Clementine: "Why would you do that, Ierik?!"

Clementine: "I didn't want you to kiss me!"

Ierik: "Okay... sorry, calm down."

Ierik: "I have something for you, I hope it makes things better."

Ierik: "Do you like me again?"

Fester: "What? Nothing to see here."

Milo took the bed so Hemingway decided to destroy a few toys.

While Frostwind got full and passed out beside the food dish.

And Pennie enjoys sleeping in the room with the girls, it's such a peaceful night!

Brenner found a new lizard!

Brenner: "That lizard is cool!"

Milo: "This fish is cool too."

Milo: "When do we get to eat it?!"

Brenner: "The cats want to eat the fish? That's so evil!"

Brenner: "I love that, mwahahaha!"

Sundance had to throw a party and raise money for her next raise, the guests are pointing and rude.

Emilia came over just to dance.

While this dude touches all of our things!

Milo: "Make everyone leave!"

Since there is a party going on downstairs, Zaylee decided to age up in her room.

Zaylee: "Does this mean I don't get cake?!"

Zaylee: "Yay... I don't get cake, this sucks."

Zaylee: "I'm moving out, I expected a cake."

Ew, get out of there!

Ierik: "I bet Milo is going to stink."

Ierik: "Digging in the toilet is nasty!"

Frostwind aged up and I didn't know it, she is a big kitty now!

Milo claimed the spare bedroom as his own.

There's a raccoon sneaking around outside!

Frostwind: "Raccoon? Can I go greet it?"

After Sundance's party I noticed the bass was missing, I kept getting notifications that Emilia was improving her bass skill and didn't realize that Emilia stole it while she was at the party! She finally returned it.

The Baudelaire's are stocking up on potions!

It's been raining for a few days now, there's a double rainbow!

Brenner: "I don't care about the double rainbow, I have a garden to tend to."

Fireflies! I've been waiting to spot them for so long.

Brenner: "I'm going to have a hard time catching these things."

Brenner: "Really? I didn't even get one."


  1. Cute post. I have yet to find a raccoon or fireflies in my sims 3 games.

    1. I see raccoons pretty often now, I wish we could have them as pets. :P