Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 281

The end of Fall is near so Ierik and Clementine spend most of their time outside enjoying the last little bit of warmer weather.

Loklyn: "She's in my spot, I wanted to play."

Loklyn: "And she won't move!"

Loklyn wouldn't leave them alone so they ran to the other side of the yard to play.

Clementine: "Are you ready to lose?!"

Ierik: "You will never win, Clem!"

Clementine: "Is he serious?"

That's a good kick!

Ierik: "I think I should move, this might hurt!"

Clementine: "Haha! I told you I would win."

Clementine: "Ierik! Come out, I won't rub it in anymore if you stop whining about losing!"

Clementine: "Or will I?..."

Ierik: "This is what happens to winners!"

Clementine: "Ierik!!!"

Clementine: "I'm telling!"

Ierik: "Hahahaha!"

Clementine had to change out of her wet clothes so she decided to play dress up.

Ierik: "I want to play dress up too."

Clementine: "Only a princess can play dress up."

Ierik: "RAWR! Dinosaurs disagree!"

Ierik: "Time to attack the princess and her castle!"
She has no clue.
Ierik: "BOO!"

Clementine: "Ierik! Stop being mean!"

While the kids are downstairs having fun, Sawyer is upstairs not having fun.

Sawyer Baudelaire
February 8, 2014 - February 9, 2015
Grim: "Can you move? I have a job to do."

Loklyn: "That job is to take my wife."

Hemingway: "Who will give me belly rubs now?"

Fester: "This kid is strange."

Sundance: "I thought I was the strange one!"

Keinlyn: "Mom isn't wrong, she IS the strange one."

Sleepy kitty.

Hemingway: "Do I hear something? I think I hear cats."

Hemingway is right!

Hemingway: "I want to play too, can I play?!"

Fester: "I'll play with you."

Hemingway is so goofy, I love him.

This... I don't love, stop eating off of the floor!

Loklyn: "I want to teach you how to hunt."

Hemingway: "How will you teach me if you're looking the other way."

Hemingway: "And maybe I don't want to learn how to hunt."

Hemingway: "Unless this hunting thing involves food on the kitchen floor."

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