Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 280

If you're a Baudelaire cat, it's important to learn how to groom yourself early.

Zaylee was almost late for the school bus!

Ierik ventured outside when it stopped raining, he was tired of being trapped inside.

Ierik: "It's so sunny and beautiful outside!"

I just can't stop looking at his adorable little hairstyle!

Keinlyn: "You used to think I was adorable, now you never pay attention to me and make me wash my dishes."

Keinlyn: "But you still love me... right?"

Time for Ierik to age up! I'm not ready, I should keep him a baby forever.

A derpy, adorable baby.


He's still a cutie! His ears are growing out even more as he ages.

Now it's time for Clementine to age up!

Keinlyn: "Double birthdays?! YES!"

I think they're excited for cake.


Could she get any cuter?!

Hemingway: "Stop cleaning yourself on the counter, that's disgusting."

Keinlyn: "There's how many days left until I move out of this place?"

Keinlyn: "Umm, I'm not sure but I'm ready to move out."

Keinlyn: "You can just age me up now, right?"

Hemingway: "Does this fur make my butt look big?"

Hemingway: "This kid doesn't smell like clementines!"

Hemingway: "I would love to eat some clementines right now."


Fester aged up! He's so cute, I love that green ear.

I just have to stop and appreciate this adorable boy.

Clementine: "I'm ready for my bed time story now."

Clementine: "Someone can climb up on the top bunk with me to read it."

Good boy! Hemingway is the opposite of his mom, she always pees inside.

Hemingway: "Maybe I should start peeing inside..."


Of course.

Keinlyn: "You don't want me to brush you? Fine, I'll brush another cat."

Fester: "Okay, you can brush me."

Going for a midnight swim!

Ierik loves to paint, I think he will be the painter for the next generation.

Brenner: "Wow, I'm tired. I think it's time for bed."

Zaylee: "It's only 8pm, you're so old, Dad!"

Hemingway: "I hope that moody kid doesn't see me yawning too."

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  1. So much cute during this episode of the Baudelaire's. Loved it.