Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 288

Welcome to Champs Les Sims! This lady looks so happy to be working here.

Clementine: "Why does she look so grouchy?"

Clementine: "I wouldn't be grouchy if I drank worked around all of this nectar!"

Clementine: "This empty room is amazing."

Clementine: "There's so many coins in this chest, should I take them?"

Jump into a random pool of purple water, that's not dangerous at all.

Meanwhile at base camp, Ierik plays it safe and reads things on his tablet.

Ierik: "I thought I would make it through this trip without having to do anything."

Nope, you work for your relics and other nice things.

Ierik: "My butt itches though."

Ierik: "Why are you watching me scratch?"

Ierik: "Is this a trap door? It looks like a trap door."

Ierik: "This place doesn't seem very safe."

Ierik: "It's not safe but it's so cool here!"

Ierik: "This... this is not cool."

Ierik: "NOT COOL! Not cool at all!!!"

Ierik: "Ew, ew!"

Clementine: "Have you seen my ring, stranger?"

Everyone has seen your ring, Clementine.

Clementine: "What is this butterfly doing to me?"

Clementine: "It's so pretty, I think I will take it home."

Clementine, the butterfly whisperer.

Yes, this looks totally safe. 

See, it was a great idea to enter a building with fire traps at the front door.

Clementine: "Yeah... not such a great idea."

Clementine: "But at least my ring still looks gorgeous."


I think we're just going to forget about this place and go back to base camp.

Yep, it's definitely time to get out of here before Clementine dies.

Clementine: "I had fun though!"

So romantic.

Clementine: "Ierik, I can't hold you much longer!"

One last fishing trip before heading home.

And a little cuddling in the park after Clementine finally showered.

Ierik: "I'm glad you don't look like burnt toast anymore."

One last thing before heading home! Babies or just woohoo?!

Clementine decided to cut some of the gems she found.

Clementine: "This thing is so neat."

It is neat! Now we can cut gems at home.

Clementine: "I think cutting gems made me sick!"

Are you sure it was cutting gems? I think it was that last minute woohoo before heading home!

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