Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 289 (Introducing Generation 28!)

Back at home the pets have taken over the spare bedroom.

And we're preparing to say goodbye to sweet Pennie.

Goodbye, Pennie!

Pennie Baudelaire
August 22, 2014 - March 30, 2015

Frostwind: "It's okay, I'm here for you."

The first belly pop, I can't wait to meet generation 28!

Always collecting butterflies.

Clementine: "I want more butterflies!"

Pregnancy hormones.

Frostwind is after this creepy looking bug.

Who will win?!

Clementine: "I think the bug will win."

Ierik: "How long until we meet our baby?"

Clementine: "One day!"

Clementine: "I'm having a baby in ONE day?!"

Clementine: "I better finish this before the baby comes!"

Clementine: "I love my bump."

Clementine: "I didn't think it would hurt this bad!"

After a few hours of screaming, Clementine welcomed a blue bouncing baby boy.

Introducing, Oliver Baudelaire!

Clementine: "Sleep tight, baby boy."

He's so cute!

He matches his daddy too.

Ierik: "You're going to look just like me, aren't you?"

Meanwhile in the kitchen... Fester had two kittens!

Brenner: "Sweet, the kittens are so cute!"

They're both boys, Egon is on the left and Kip is on the right! We're keeping both until we know which one is the perfect one for kitty heir.

Kip is a little clumsy!

Kip: "I'm not clumsy, I meant to do that!"

Egon: "Go get rid of your fleas before sniffing me."

Egon: "Dad is trying to give me fleas!"

Kip keeps himself groomed so he doesn't get fleas.

Hemingway: "You're new, I need to sniff you."

Brenner: "Hi, are you going to be my evil kitty sidekick?"

It looks like they're planning on eating the insects!

Kip: "I'm not, I'm just watching them."

Kip: "For now..."

Egon: "I want to eat them."

Egon loves to roll around on the floor.

And take naps with dad!

Aren't they adorable?!

I wish Kip could nap with them too.

Kip: "Yeah, why do I get left out?"

I've made my decision... Egon will be kitty heir!

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