Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 290

The bug collection is getting bigger!

Egon: "I have my eyes on those bugs... SOON." 

It's time for Oliver to age up!


Wow! I knew he would look like Ierik but I wasn't expecting him to look identical!

Just for fun I decided to try out the same hairstyle Ierik had as a toddler, they look so similar!

Oliver: "I'm daddy's clone?!"

He has adorable pointy ears too!

Oliver: "Just admit it, I'm the cutest kid around."

Oliver: "Right?!"

Time for a break from adorable Oliver to celebrate Brenner and Sundance's birthdays!

Brenner: "Eww, I feel... OLD."

Brenner: "I guess being old is pretty awesome."

Sundance is up next!

Brenner: "Hehehe, sparkles are evil!"

Hemingway: "Are sparkles evil?" 

Sundance: "I don't like being old!"

Old but still so in love!

And there's some young love in the hallway, shouldn't Ierik be giving Clementine the back rub? 

Clementine: "That's right, where's MY back rub?"

Clementine: "I got a back rub AND woohoo!"

Ierik: "Are you ready to learn how to use the potty?"

Oliver: "No."

Ierik: "That's okay, you can be my baby forever."

Oliver: "Not the claw again."

Oliver: "AGAIN."

Oliver is tired of the claw but not tickles!

Brenner: "Alright kid, I know you have a lollipop. Just hand it over."

Brenner: "Aha, I got it!"

Oliver: "My lollipop!"

Oliver: "Give it back!"

Brenner: "Nope, it's mine now."

Brenner: "Snuggles make it better though, right?"

Time to learn how to talk!

He's catching on quick! 

Brenner is evil but he's a sweet grandpa.

He is teaching Oliver everything he needs to know!

Oliver: "I've learned how to walk AND talk in one day!"

Clementine is pregnant with baby #2!

Oliver: "I'm going to be a big brother?!"

I don't think that looks too safe to do during pregnancy. 

There will be two babies in the family soon!

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