Monday, August 20, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 118

Chance isn't the best fisher in town, I hope he doesn't plan on eating what he catches because he can't catch anything.

Chance: "So, pretty lady... are you single?"
Freaky Kid: "Does my Mommy look single?! Back off. NOW."

Chance: "I can't even get a date because of creepy, evil toddlers!"

Knox and Kisses never leave each other, they're best friends.

Star came over for a visit, I bet she didn't expect a makeover while she was here!

Landon: "This plant, it's just so beautiful! I love you, plant."
Just don't turn it down if it proposes to you!

Chance: "Shower in a can... I've never felt cleaner before."

Chance: "Get these bugs off of me!!! Why do you make me do this?!"

Chance: "Ew, ew, ew! Disapprove, disapprove!"

Chance: "I want to go home!!!"
Not yet my pretty, not yet.

Chance: "These grapes feel so funny between my toes!"
I really hope you washed your feet before you got in there.

Chance: "Ouch... you would think landing on grapes wouldn't hurt."

Chance's adventures in France are coming to an end, he spent his final night there just admiring the beauty of the area, it really is a beautiful place to travel to!

He came home to Star Shue still hanging around, she's grown up now, it's time to see what she thinks of our precious Chance-A-Roo.

Well, that escalated quickly.
I think they like each other.

Star: "You know what? I've been hanging around your house all day everyday just for a chance to woohoo with you!"
Chance: "Really?! Well, let's not waste anytime making your wish come true!"

Dirty Sims.

Put our Twixx down immediately or I will haunt you forever! Wait, can you haunt the Grim Reaper?

Twixx Baudelaire
April 11, 2012 - July 20, 2012

Grim Reaper: "I'm just gonna grab a piece of this and get back home to the underworld."

Sure, take the whole thing!

I guess nobody around here read the warning sign by the hot tub...

Hot tub woohoo may cause Baudelaire babies.

Guess what? You're gonna be a Daddy!
Chance: "Wait, what? How did that happen?!"

Star: "What are you hiding behind you?"
Chance: "You're pregnant so I'm going to follow in the footsteps of the heirs before me and propose! We can't let a baby be born into this house without the Baudelaire last name."

Chance: "See how shiny? You can't resist its beauty, can you?"

Star: "NO, I can't! Yes, I will marry you!"
Chance: "The sparkle in your beautiful eyes is brighter than this ring."

Chance is so sweet.

Star: "I love you, Chance Baudelaire."
Chance: "I love you too, my precious Sweet Pea."

Star: "Oh yeah, I've got him hooked now."

Star is officially a Baudelaire! I can't wait to see Chance and Star babies, I wonder if they will be green?


  1. awww. Loved the chapter as always :)

  2. how do you edit your pictures?

    1. I use Photoshop to put the words on them but I used GIMP for the picture of Star, I don't edit my pictures other than that though.