Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 115

Caden: "Stupid, ugly mailbox, the mailbox at our old house was better."

While Caden is outside having an argument with the innocent mailbox, Knox and everyone else is inside sleeping in their new cozy beds.

Suddenly... a wild robber appears out of the darkness.

Go away, nobody likes you!

Ugly Robber: "What just happened, how do I shut this loud thing off?!"

By leaving, that's how!

Ugly Robber: "But I don't wanna leave, I want to steal all of your fancy things!"

Harper: "I'm sick and tired of everyone waking me up!!!"
Caden: "Sensory overload, I can't take this anymore!"

Chance: "Everyone is freaking out, that's so cool!"
You... are strange, but strange is the new normal around here.

Robber: "Ow, why would you hurt me?!"

Caden: "Haha! In your face, robber!"

Hurley: "YES! That cop beat the robber's butt!"

Run Chance, they don't look very happy!

After all of the chaos everyone went back to bed and got right back to their normal routine the next day, Kisses followed Peyson around until she played with him.

And Hurley decided to go down to the park to play for some tips, he has over a million dollars and he still wants to play for tips.

Landon caught himself on fire, like always.
Landon: "Eugh, again, seriously?!"

Landon: "I don't even care anymore, I'm gonna play me some pool."

Elliot: "Look! It's spraying my booty, haha!"

Heartleigh: "It's so peaceful once you get away from the crazy people."

Elliot: "I have my ice cream so you can leave now."

It. Never. Leaves.

Landon decided to go to the junkyard to find some scrap, he didn't find any.

Landon: "Cover your ears!"
Landon! What are you doing?!

Landon, this is public property, you can't just come here and start blowing stuff up!

Landon: "Well, that wasn't what I expected."

Elliot: "Oh yeah, the ladies... they love me, they are all up on me."

Elliot turned out so handsome, I can't wait to see what Chance looks like!

Chance: "Elliot does not look better than me."
Heartleigh: "That's right, he doesn't look better than me either."

We have a bunch of jealous, moody Sims today.

Chance: "My Mom is going to blow the candles out for me if she doesn't back away from my cake."

Chance: "Smile? Am I doing it right?"

You look a little awkward but you are doing it right.

Elliot: "Oh my gosh, is he lifting that thing up and carrying it?! It looks so heavy!"

You do know that is a statue, don't you?

Elliot: "Oh, it's a statue?!"

Elliot, I love you but you aren't very bright.

Caden: "No, no, no. You listen to me, I want all of our furniture in our new house before we get there, got it?!"

Pack your bags, we're moving.

Elliot: "Why are you making us move again and WHY did you wake me up?!"

Chance: "I don't wanna move, we just moved into this house!"

Twixx : "I love the new flowers here, they smell amazing."

Elliot skipped school the first day they were in the new house so he got punished and sent to the corner, bad Elliot!

Peyson is a master cook, I just wish I could have one of those!

So many eventful things happened within the first few days of moving into the new house, our precious Valiant left us! We will always miss you!

Valiant Wrecks Baudelaire
April 15, 2012 - July 15, 2012

Twixx: "Come to Papa my precious little birdy..."

Elliot: "That poor little bird!"

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