Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 116

Chance: "Hmm, what is the cat doing?"
Uh... cat things.

Chance: "I just have this strange feeling that someone is watching me."
Elliot: "Hello, brother. Just keep standing there looking pretty."

Caden: "According to my GPS, I am about one inch away from the school, but I'm not sure that it's right."

If she would just lift her head up she would see exactly where she is... only Caden would be so oblivious to her surroundings.

Kisses: "I want a bite."

Kisses: "Pleassseeee?"
How can you resist that cute little face?!

Kisses didn't get the food she wanted but she did get to play!

Then she proceeded to stalk Peyson's every move.
Peyson: "Just pretend to look smart and maybe she will go away."

It seems like just yesterday Lia was crawling around but today she becomes a young adult and ventures into the world on her own, time flies!
Happy Birthday, Lia!

Caden: "Wait, it's Lia's birthday today?"

Lia: "Yes, please send me a taxi because my family is kicking me out, they don't want me anymore!"
Of course we want you, we just don't want you living under our roof eating all of our food.

Landon: "My daughter turned out beautiful, can you believe I created that?!"

Chance: "Noooo! Does this mean you are going to kick me out when I'm older?"
Nope, you stay with the crazies.
Chance: "Why was I born into this madness?!"

Kisses: "Wanna play, wanna play?"
Chance: "Sure, strange colored little doggy."

Chance: "It's impossible to make a wish with that old man being weird behind me."

Chance: "No, I did not wish for this!"

Elliot: "Don't let it burn my beautiful hair!"
Hurley: "Somebody do something!"

Harper: "Yes! This is the best birthday party. EVER!"
Caden: "Are you crazy?! This is not fun and go put some clothes on!"

Landon: "The cake is ruined and it smells."

Chance: "So... we're going to try this party thing again?!"

Chance: "Do you ever get the feeling that someone is taking your picture?"

Elliot has apparently developed the creeper trait.

Time for Elliot to have his party and stop stalking Chance move on with life so we can get Chance started on his adventures!

Elliot: "No other dude can rock a pink shirt like me."
You got that right.

Heartleigh: "I can rock a pink shirt better, pffft."
Caden: "Why is he dressed like that?"

Well, this marks the beginning of generation 11!
Chance Baudelaire is the 11th generation heir, he will carry on the Baudelaire genes and craziness.


  1. Replies
    1. I LOVE Chance, even as an elder he is still my favorite out of the past few generations.

  2. I absolutely loved it, as usual!