Friday, August 24, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 119 (Introducing Generation 12!)

Time for a bachelor party, we can't have a wild party without drinks!

Landon: "Who is this woman and what is she doing here? I wanted to make the drinks."

Bring on the pretty ladies!

Creepy Green Lady: "Oh yeah, dance you pretty ladies, DANCE!"
You must be a relative of Star...

Even Stranger Lady: "Haha! Look at that weird green lady over there!"
Hey! We don't pick on green people in this house, get out.

Of course she has to die at the party and ruin all of the fun, thanks a lot!

Grim Reaper: "Eugh, do you people ever clean up around here?!"

A precious little Baudelaire baby is on the way, he/she should make their big arrival soon!

Kisses: "The new baby is NOT touching my food!"

Chance and Star had to make everything official before the big day, we don't want a potential heir to be a Shue and not a Baudelaire.

Star: "Why? You don't like my last name?!"

Ready to be a Grandma?
Harper: "A Grandma? But I'm still so young."

Harper won't be young much longer, here we come gray hair!

Oh yeah, that wall totally wants to have a horn tooted at it, Heartleigh.

Harper: "This doesn't feel right, I don't like being older."

Chance: "Hello in there my little baby, you better look just like your handsome Daddy!"

Star: "I think this is it, I think the baby is coming!"

Star: "Yep, that was it."
That happened quick, welcome generation 12 to the Sim world!

Introducing, Kassius Baudelaire!

Landon: "Hey wall, are you ready to watch me blow out these awesome candles?"
They seem to have an obsession with that wall lately.

Landon may be older but he's just as cute and insane as before!

Landon: "Come on and gather around for Peyson's party!"
Peyson: "Yes, gather around and admire my beauty have fun at my party."

Landon: "Eugh, Peyson isn't as hot as she used to be."
Peyson: "Thanks a lot."
Don't be mean to my precious Peyson!

Peyson just needed a fresh outfit and nice new haircut, she is just as beautiful as always.

Next in line was Heartleigh, all of my babies are growing up!

Loving your outfit, Heartleigh!
Heartleigh: "It feels strange... I feel strange."

Harper: "My wife is beautiful, now let's party!"

Everyone else had a party so Kassius was up next, what is the deal with boobies in the kids' faces?!

Heartleigh: "She's gonna squish the poor little dude's face!"

Of course Landon was happy about that.
Landon: "BEWBZ!"

Star: "Landon is a pervert."
I know.


Kassius: "Look what I can do!"
There's no doubt about him being a Baudelaire.

Chance has a little mini Chance!


  1. Kassius is a very pretty young boy ^^

  2. Where can I find Hearleigh's YA/Adult hair and her elder hair? o. o
    Beautiful chapter.

    1. Her YA/Adult hair is from Anubis here:

      I tried finding her elder hair but I can't remember where I got it from, I thought it was from Garden of Shadows but I couldn't find it there. If I remember I'll post a link. :)

  3. great chapter! Kassius sure is a spitting image of his daddy! Where did you get his adorable outfit and shoes?