Friday, August 31, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 120

Chance: "Alright Little Man, it's time to learn how to use the potty."

Kassius: "But I don't like using the potty."

Things are getting intense between Star and Chance by the front door, maybe they will get started on baby number two soon!

If they have more babies like Kassius I'll never let any of them leave!

Landon: "Why won't you speak, child?!"

I was right, baby number two is in the making! Hopefully we get another precious little Kassius!

Kassius: "I'm getting a baby brother or sister?! I'll share everything except for my nummy milk."

Kassius: "And I'm going to go ahead and tear all of my toys up so the new baby won't have anything to play with!"

The big day is getting closer, I can't wait to see who the baby looks like.

Star: "Come on, Kassius. Come to Mommy!"
Kassius: "I don't know about this whole walking thing."

Star: "I remember this feeling from when Kassius was born, I think our baby is on the way!"

Synchronized labor freak outs, the only way to welcome a Baudelaire baby into the world!

Chance: "What are we supposed to do?!"
Star: "You can shut up before I come over there and shut your mouth for you."
Woah, let's just leave Star to herself for a little while.

And the Baudelaire's welcomed a strange precious green baby into the family!

Introducing, Tripp Baudelaire!

Harper: "Green babies rock!"
The house could blow up and Harper would still be excited about it.

Kassius: "What kind of freaky family was I born into?"

THIS, this right here is what kind of family Kassius was born into... poor kid.

Chance: "Maybe I should try a different hobby."
You think?!

Star: "Don't worry, I will always protect you from your crazy Daddy."

Kassius: "Haha, guess what I left in here for someone???"

Star: "You see that? I am NOT cleaning that up, no way."
Chance: "It's so gross, I don't wanna clean it!"

After Star and Chance argued over who was cleaning the potty out, it was time for Kassius to have his birthday!


Kassius: "Look at my awesome hair, it's so curly and you know... awesome!"

I see you take after the crazies.

Next up was baby Tripp!


Now this is one strange looking baby.
Tripp: "Me... strange?! No way! I will stare into your soul."

Chance: "I make magnificent, creepy, green babies!"

Chance: "Son, to think like a Baudelaire you must empty all thoughts and run around like a crazy person."
Kassius: "So... I just act like you, Mom, and everyone else?"
Chance: "That's my boy!"

Harper: "Just take a few steps and walk to me, come on, you can do it!"
Tripp: "Should I walk towards her or run away from this place as fast as I can?"

While everyone else was taking care of Tripp, Star and Chance were busy making their third little baby! I just hope the baby doesn't look as creepy as Tripp.