Monday, August 6, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 114

Hurley: "Gather around, everyone loves me so everyone should have all attention on my birthday party!"

Hurley: "I look good, you know it too."

This little boy is Kieran's great grandson from Alex, Miguel. He actually reminds me a lot of Piper!

And Kieran's great grand daughter through Alex, Stacey!

And last but not least, Stacey's sister, Adriane!

Lia: "Chess? Pfft, it's as easy as world domination."
Since when was world domination easy?!

Lia: Chess, you are doomed."

Chance: "Why did you let him out and not let me out? I want out."

Chance: "I WANT OUT!!!"

Knox and Lia are best friends!

Kisses: "You're gonna get it!"
I don't think this will end well.

Kisses: "Maybe I shouldn't do that anymore."

Elliot: "I want to eat one of those candles!"
Caden: "Don't let him have the candles!"


Elliot: "I'm awesome and now I can do what I want!"

Caden: "Ha, that's a strange little kid."
He gets it from you.

After Elliot's birthday it was time for Chance's birthday, bring on all of those cakes!


Chance: "One step closer to being your precious heir, right?"

Chance and Elliot couldn't be more different, Chance is always laid back and Elliot is out there and crazy.

Harper: "I love my strange little boys."
Caden *Stalks*

Caden: "Alright, let's blow these candles out and tear into that cake."

Caden: "Like my outfit?"
Caden may be old and gray but she is still just as beautiful as before!

Chance: "Why do you follow me everywhere I go? It's creepy."

Landon: "I told Heartleigh to get rid of that creepy doll that Chance got in the mail, it creeps me out!"

Lia: "Why is my Dad such a weirdo?"

Lia talks about Landon being a weirdo but she is just as strange, party time!

Heartleigh: "Party! Woohoo!"
Caden: "This is a kid party, no woohoo here."

Lia turned out so pretty, she reminds me a lot of Cylee when she was younger.

Chance: "Time for our first day of school! Yay!"
Elliot: "Why are you so excited about getting up early and going to that horrible place they call school?"

Caden: "Time to get my workout on."

I think we all know what is about to happen in that tree house...

Landon: "Old people woohoo, eugh."

Elliot: "We are the kings of Appaloosa Plains!"
Chance: "Yes, bow down and kiss our feet."

That's gotta hurt.

Landon: "Stupid machine, why don't you ever work?!"

Harper: "Get this thing out of our yard, some people are trying to sleep around here!"

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  1. Lia is too cute!
    And Caden has reached her elder years :( Hopefully she doesn't die too soon!