Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 302

Hadley: "You're adorable, you match my clothes."

Shaylie: "Don't say anything."

Shaylie: "Hehehehe."


Hadley is a teen! She is really pretty, I made the right choice for heiress!

Hadley: "I'm flying!"

Hadley: "Where did the butterflies come from?"

Voxel: "Forget the butterflies, where did this kitten come from?"

Voxel: "Oh well, time to find some gems!"

It looks like he found some!

Strudel: "Roast me a few of those mushrooms."

More snot bubbles.

Hadley: "You know you want a snot bubble."

She's always checking herself out.

Shaylie: "I just lost the game, I can't believe it!"

Frostwind: "The dot... it's back!!!"

Orion: "What is happening?"

Orion is ready to move out and start his own life!

Orion: "I think I will go back to my home planet."

Hadley took over the elixir making.

I plan on making her learn all of the elixirs, two down and so many more to go!

Laikyn: "I'm done with the elixirs, I'm so relieved!"

Clementine: "I'm sculpting a unicorn."

That's nice.

Fall is here!

Hadley: "I'm going to teach you a few tricks, okay?"

Voxel: "You're what?"

Hadley: "Sit."

Voxel: "Am I doing it right?"

Laikyn: "I know who did this!"

Laikyn: "SHAYLIE."

Voxel is learning fast!

Voxel: "It's because I'm brilliant!"

Voxel: "And cute, right?"

Laikyn: "Thank you to all of my fans, thank you!"

Laikyn: "Eugh! I've had enough of today!"

Laikyn: "I could cry for days!"

Laikyn's emotions were a roller coaster from start to finish.

Laikyn: "I had a bad day so that means you will too."

Shaylie: "Wait... what?"

Laikyn: "You bore me, you can go away now."

Shaylie: "I hate having sisters."

Laikyn: "Shaylie hates me?"

Laikyn: "I hate this desk!"

Voxel: "That girl needs to get her emotions under control."

Tell me about it.

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