Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 301

Sneaky Sneaky

Frostwind: "Attack!"

Orion loves the pool table, he can even play alone.

It's good that he plays alone because he's not very good.

Some bubble blowing fun with dad!

Is that a good bubble or a snot bubble?

Orion: "Mine are snot bubbles!"

Hadley is so short, she needs a stool, I can relate since I'm short too.

Orion: "Hi ants! You look like Earth does from my home planet."

Laikyn: "Why is Orion always talking about being from another planet?!"

It's such a beautiful day for a fishing trip!

And playing with the ball!

Voxel: "It's a nice day to hunt for gems too!"

Apparently it's a good day for a nap too, I might have to take one too.

Brenner: "You are a cute little kitty!"

Frostwind: "I know, now put me down."


Nice... outfit...

Much better!

Nathen is adorable but sadly it's time for him to leave.

One sim leaves and a pet moves in!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Her name is Lima Bean and she's from Catlover800!

Lima Bean: "I'm a Baudelaire now?!"

Egon already loves her!

Lima Bean: "I'm your future spouse!"

Clementine: "Where is MY future spouse?"

You're already married!

Hadley: "I am Queen Hadley!"

Hadley: "Fetch my dinner, chop chop."

Ierik: "Party over here!"


Strudel is an elder!

It's a gorgeous night! I love that full moon.

The sky looks like cotton candy, I could stare at it all night!

There's a problem with the fireworks!

Laikyn: "This is awesome!"

Laikyn: "Why aren't they doing anything?"

Nathen is back... as a zombie!

The lizard died! Orion is devastated. 

Laikyn has decided to make some elixirs, she's learning quick.

I can't get over how adorable Lima Bean is! I think Egon and Lima Bean will have gorgeous kittens.

So sleepy.

Welcome to the family, Lima Bean!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love Lima Bean....such a great post.