Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 300

Laikyn: "There's a house full of sims and nobody knows how to clean a counter."

Laikyn: "I thought Nathen was the cleaner."

Laikyn: "So why did I have to clean?!"

Brenner: "I'm just going to ignore her and enjoy my coffee."

Nathen: "Ugh, I did not do that!"

Nathen: "I bet it was Ridley, he's always up to something!"

Since Hadley is the baby of the family she never has to do anything, she enjoys her free time outside.

Her favorite thing to do is pick flowers.

Ridley: "She's picking all of the flowers, I wanted some of them."

I'm guessing Ridley will want to play with the dollhouse too.

Orion: "Bye everyone! I'm going back to my home planet!"

Laikyn: "Finally!!!"

Orion: "That didn't work out, I kept falling back down because apparently there's something called gravity here."

Laikyn: "So... Orion is still here?"

Still doing nothing.

Brenner: "I don't know who broke the washer but they should have to fix it, not me."

Nathen: "I was just trying to wash a load of clothes, I won't do that anymore."

The Baudelaire's moved! Everyone piled into one spot.

Look, it's Ierik! Or not... it's a distant relative that looks identical to him, creepy.

Orion likes the new party room in the house.

Brenner is dying!

I'm so sad, I love Brenner!

He's making his way downstairs to be taken from us.

Or not??? I didn't realize he had a death flower in his inventory, Brenner gave it to Grim and he spared his life!

Ridley: "Grandpa is still alive!"

Ridley: "And it's my birthday?"

Ridley: "I'm looking good."

Yep, now move out.

Gross, just gross.

Egon: "What? I can't clean myself by some vomit?"

Voxel: "If Egon doesn't eat the vomit, can I have it?"

Hadley: "Phew, someone needs to clean that up."

Why don't you clean it?

Hadley: "No way, I'm not touching it."

Look at him, he's so proud of his vomit.

Laikyn: "We got a new toilet?!"

Laikyn: "I love it!"

This house has so much more room than the other one, everyone spaces out and does their own thing.

Brenner died and still has his wrench.

Egon's favorite scratching post!

He wore himself out scratching it up.

Orion: "We don't have these music instruments in space, they're awesome!"

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