Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 299

Strudel: "I don't want to sniff you."

Hadley: "I'm offended."

Hadley: "But I don't care, I have toys!"

She's so pretty!


It seems like Oliver was just born! It's already time for him to move out. 

Laikyn has talent. 

Shaylie: "It's my birthday too."


Shaylie has a chubby face like Clementine, she's cute! 

Shaylie: "I don't have a chubby face!"

Brenner forgot to make breakfast so Ridley decided to make some pancakes. 

Ridley: "I've never made pancakes, I hope I don't burn them."

Ridley: "I burnt them." 

Shaylie: "I guess it's time to crack my knuckles and show Ridley how to make pancakes."

Shaylie: "You get grandpa to make them, that's how you do it."

Sundance likes to stalk the kitties. 

Strudel: "I hope she doesn't stalk me too."

Strudel: "Bet you can't catch me and give me a bath!"

The zombies are out! This one is dressed nice. 

Brenner: "Stupid zombies eating my garden."

Brenner: "Maybe I should ask them if they would like to join my world domination plans."

Orion: "Calling home planet, can you hear me?"

Laikyn: "Orion is calling what?!"


She's pretty! She looks so much like Ierik but with Clementine's face. 

Laikyn: "Why is this drawer stuck? I just want to change clothes!"

Laikyn: "I got it open!"

Laikyn: "But now my butt is sore!"

Ridley is supposed to be in bed but he's jamming out instead."

Laikyn: "Ridley! I was trying to sleep!"

If you can't make him stop, join him. 

Laikyn: "Ridley makes me so angry, I want to play this so loud!"

Laikyn: "But I won't."

Nathen just likes to listen and enjoy the music. 

Shaylie: "Gosh, I'm gorgeous."

Ridley... forever a prankster. 

Ridley: "I can't want to get someone to sit here."

Orion: "These bugs are cute, we don't have these on my planet."

Orion: "Hi bugs!"

Orion: "I'm having a dance party with the bugs."

Nathen: "And me! He forgot to mention me."

Orion is really getting into the music!

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