Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 298

Hadley: "Want a toy?"

Orion: "What is this furry creature? We don't have those in space."

Voxel: "The alien called me a creature."

Nathen: "I'm aging up, I'm aging up!"

Nathen: "Handsome, huh?"

There's Klutz creeping on the birthday and Nathen looking creepy.

Brenner went to the grocery store and found a distant relative, she's pretty!

Relative: "I'm a Baudelaire, of course I'm pretty."

Brenner: "Look at my cute grandkids and my wrench."

Voxel is a good doggy! 

Strudel:"Got any treats?"

Oliver: "Sorry, I don't have any, Strudel."

Strudel: "You... you don't have treats?"

Sundance: "Stop cutting gems while I'm trying to sleep!"

Clementine was cutting gems in the basement, Sundance was on the second floor sleeping and somehow heard it.

Frostwind: "Why is Sundance so angry?!"

Oliver: "Grandma yelled at me too."

Brenner: "Why is it crying? It makes me want to cry."

Off hunting gems! With his eyes closed...

I canceled her relaxing action and she got angry.

Clementine: "I've had like, a million kids. I can relax for a little while!"

Ridley: "Hehehe."

Ridley: "Nobody will ever know."

Strudel: "Someone peed on the floor!"

Voxel: "It totally wasn't me..."

Alien party going on upstairs!

Orion: "Stop calling me an alien."

Klutz... forever creeping on birthdays.

Orion is cute! I still can't decide if I want to keep him for heir.

They're planning something, I know it.

Hadley: "They're teamed up with Brenner with his world domination plans."


Our youngest isn't a baby anymore!

So that means she has to get to work and clean up around here.

Hadley: "This is disgusting!"

Orion: "Calling all aliens, can you hear my brain waves?"

Oliver: "Orion is always showing off his alien powers."

Hadley loves picking flowers!

Hadley: "This smells so much fresher than the potty."

It looks like Orion takes after Ierik.

Orion: "Stop watching me!"

Apparently a broom can fly itself around here.

Orion: "I made that sim invisible because they watched me dig through the trash, remember that."

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