Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 297

Clementine: "I think it's time!"

Another blue girl! I guess all of the kids will be blue, at least I got a few girls. 

Introducing, Hadley Baudelaire!

Time for Ridley to age up!

Wow! I love him, blue is my favorite color so that could be why I love him so much. 

Shaylie: "Why are you sniffing me, Egon?"


It's the female version of Ierik, Oliver and Ridley!

Laikyn didn't get her own little party so she's eating some of Ridley's cake. 

Laikyn: "This cake is a little stale."

Sundance loves her grandbabies, she's an awesome grandma. 


I can see why Sundance loves Hadley so much, she looks so much like her!

Hadley: "Grandma is pretty so does that mean I'm pretty?"

No wasting time, it's time to learn how to use the potty!

Laikyn: "I'm bigger than you now, haha."

Laikyn is an animal lover, she's like me. 

Laikyn: "It's so scaly and cute."

It's a full moon and the zombies are out!

Hadley: "Zombies?! Cool!"

Sundance: "This kid likes zombies?!"

That looks painful. 

Strudel: "I have no idea what she's trying to tell me."

Brenner: "Come give grandpa your lollipop!"

Brenner: "You did it! Now where is the lollipop."

Logic time for the older girls. 

Laikyn: " I don't need to study, I'm good like that."

Strudel is napping while her kids run wild. 

Where are you going?

We have another cleaner!

Hadley: "I left you a present in the potty."

Most of the kids are cleaners, Shaylie is not one of them. 

Laikyn: "Did you say clean?!"

After cleaning the tub, Laikyn went on a submarine adventure. 

Egon has picked Ridley as the favorite Baudelaire. 


The puppies are aging up! Voxel is cute, he looks a lot like Hemingway in the face. 


Klutz is cute too! Time to find him a new home though. 

That has to hurt!


Voxel: "Can I roll in that or eat it?!"

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