Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 263

Why is there a strange kid still standing on the porch the day after Spooky Day?

Cassie: "There's a strange kid on our porch?!"

Cassie: "Oh, and grandma passed out!"

Leave Samuel alone, he's trying to play chess!

Samuel: "It's cool, I can still focus on chess."

Emilia: "Look, I got a bass! It's amazing!"

Emilia: "I'm already a pro."

Winslow: "Where did this kitten come from?!"

Wesker: "I'm your child, Dad."

Wesker: "How could you not know???"

Wesker: "Don't you love me?"

Of course Winslow loves his babies! Winslow had two kittens with a stray cat in the neighborhood, Wesker and Whisker! They're both girls.

The adorable Wesker, she has more pink.

Pennie: "Isn't this place crowded enough?"

Pennie: "If I'm going to have to see you around here a lot I guess I should get to know you."

Wesker is so adorable! More pictures of Whisker coming soon, I didn't take as many of her because I didn't plan on keeping her too but I couldn't stop myself.

Adorable kitty belly!

Wesker: "This bed is so cozy, I could sleep for days."

Cassie: "Wesker is so cute, almost as cute as me."

Just like dad.

Wesker: "Cleaning myself while warming my buns by the fire, this is the life."

Cassie: "Back away from the fridge, all the food is mine."

Cassie: "I want the last piece of cake!"

Cassie: "But you're so cute, I can't tell you no."

Novie: "Someone keeps breaking everything around here, it needs to stop."

Emilia: "Grandma is finally fixing the trash compactor!"

Emilia: "Now I don't have to take the trash out."

Sundance spends most of her time playing outside.

Finally, a picture of Whisker! She's adorable and the destroyer.

Whisker: "I don't destroy things!"

I couldn't separate them, we had to keep both.

Wesker: "Watch the fur, I just groomed!"

Wesker: "It takes hours to look this good!"

Whisker: "Bet you can't catch me!"

Whisker: "Random dude, try to catch me!"

Nobody notices the wild kittens running around, they're too busy with homework.

Loklyn: "The kittens are so cute, I could cry."

Blake: "Hello, did you shred my rug in my room?"
Whisker: "Yes, if you ask anymore questions it will be your feet next."

Whisker: "Slip, please slip and fall into my mouth."

Cassie: "Those cats better not eat my birdy."


  1. This update was just too cute for words.

  2. Soo cute! So glad I also found you on Blogger! At first it said that I entered the name wrong.. lol. Time for me to go and play my legacy challenge..lets see there is The Payne Legacy Challenge.. The Berry Legacy or The Brunwic Legacy(which I started the day before yesterday) geez a lot of decisions.. sure I'll figure it out. It will prob be The Payne Legacy though...I think though that I won't put pictures up anymore...taking a toll on the laptop.. :)

  3. Hey! I don't know if you've already said this, if so, sorry, but what town are you in?

    By the way, this is an awesome legacy! A few weeks ago, I made it my goal to finish the whole thing right along with you!

    1. They're in my edited version of Hidden Springs, Hidden Skies. ^_^