Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 262

Here we see a wild Emilia grazing the kitchen.

Emilia: "Ahhh! I just fixed my hair!"

Emilia: "There's only one person that would have done that."

Blake: "She's going to blame me, I know she is."

Cleaning up before revenge.

It's Spooky Day! All of the kids are getting dressed and ready to attend the festival.

Someone is excited to be an alien.

Sundance: "Aliens suck, I don't want to be an alien."

Sundance: "This... is just as bad."

A little dollhouse fun before leaving, Emilia takes forever to get ready.

Happy Spooky Day from all of the kiddos!

Sundance: "MOM! Just take the picture so we can leave!"

Emilia is in charge of Cassie today, a cowgirl and her little dino.

That thing turned around fast!

Cassie: "Yes, it knows my plans, I will need backup."

Samuel: "How dare you say my pumpkin face paint is ugly!"

Sundance: "Those two never stop fighting."

Blake wanted to join the apple bobbing contest but he was a little late, they started without him.

Sundance: "I want some apples!"
Samuel: "Eugh, siblings are the worst."

Blake: "This is the best thing here!"

Blake: "I think I'll collect all of these bugs, we might need them."

A poor doggy came to the park to pass away.

Sundance: "I am the queen of this park, mwahahaha!"

Samuel: "I can't believe this park is ruled by Sundance, we're doomed!"

Sundance: "Peek a boo!"
Cassie: "Who are you?"
Sundance: "Your queen!"

Sister love!

Emilia: "I'm never going into the creepy house again, it turned me into a ghost!"

Sundance: "Let's get this contest started, I'm ready to dig into this pie."

Samuel: "A blueberry went up my nose!"

Blake: "I'm taking my time, this is free pie so I'm enjoying it."

Sundance: "I don't know if I can finish my pie!"

Sundance: "But I did, I'm the winner!"

Cassie: "And I'm the winner with my nummy milk!"

Omelette: "When do I get milk?"

Samuel: "It wasn't so bad going to the park with my siblings."

Samuel: "Maybe I don't hate them."

Samuel: "Maybe I should spend more time with them!"

Emilia: "Noooo! I can't let Samuel spend more time with me!"

As soon as they got home from the park it was time for Cassie's birthday!

Emilia likes to toot her own horn.


Cassie is cute! It's going to be hard to decide between her and Sundance for heiress.