Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 259

It looks like everyone wants some of Emilia's lemonade.

Sawyer's garden is doing great, Novie does most of the work.

It's a beautiful evening! Maybe some of the kids should go outside to play.

Or not... it's time for Cassie to age up!

Blake: "I'll go outside to play, I can skip this party."

Samuel: "Hahaha! Cassie is aging up."


How can a kid be so adorable?! I love the blue hair and blue eyes together.

Look at those adorable pink cheeks!

Cassie *Rolls eyes*

Loklyn: "This kid doesn't look anything like me!"

She just aged up and it's already time to learn how to use the potty!

Cassie: "I wanted to play with the xylophone, not use the potty!"

Nolan: "Xylophone? What's that?!"

Barkley guards his food dish all day, he's worried Sundance will eat out of it again.

Cassie: "Barkley has to worry about me eating his food now too."

Cassie: "But not right now, this milk is so good!"

Shake off before you come inside!

Pennie: "Why did mom shake her water all over me."

Joel: "Eugh! Seriously, the dogs are disgusting."

Cassie should be working on her skills but she spends most of the day playing with the dollhouse.

And trying to rip their heads off just like big sister Sundance.

Cassie: "I can't rip it off but I bet I can bite it off!"

This is the first time Sawyer hasn't been pregnant since Nolan so she's spending some time working on her garden, Novie kept it alive the whole time she couldn't work on it.

Sawyer: "Isn't this awesome?!"

Sundance: "Mom is nuts, I need to get out of here."

Pennie: "I'm gonna get it, you can't hold it too high for me!"

Pennie: "SO. CLOSE."

Nolan: "Guess what? It's time for me to age up and get out of this cramped house!"

Nolan: "Why didn't I get a huge party where everyone showed how much they love me???"

Nolan: "That's okay because I turned out hot."

Nolan: "I am hot, right?"

Emilia: "Just agree with him so he will leave."

Sundance and Sawyer are enjoying the last days of summer with a little fun in the ocean.

Sundance: "More splash!"

Loklyn: "You don't look like me at all AND you won't say Dada, do you hate me?"

Cassie: "Maybe..."

Cassie: "Wait... what does the word hate mean?"

Little Sundance is growing up! I'm not ready for this moment.

Samuel: "Hahaha! Sparkly birthdays look funny!"


Sparkly and derpy birthdays! Maybe Samuel was laughing because of the derpy eyes.

Sundance: "I'm not derpy."

Isn't she cute?

Novie: "She's not as cute as me."

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