Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 260

Loklyn didn't finish teaching Cassie to talk because he was upset that she wouldn't say Dada so she's finishing that now.

Cassie: "This milk matches my hair and eyes!"

Cassie: "It tastes like blueberries."

Pennie: "Can I have some blueberry milk?"

Sundance: "I thought I got all of the blueberry milk."

Sundance: "That sucks."

Cassie: "I wonder what this does?"

Cassie: "It makes music!"

Winslow: "There's nothing to see here, move along."

Samuel: "Nasty cat cleaning itself in the kitchen, that's so gross!"

Samuel: "At least it's not on the counter."

Sawyer: "Should I tell him? Winslow was on the counter earlier."

Cassie: "I'm almost there!"

Cassie: "I'm so close, I can almost walk!"

Sundance plans on being a writer so she writes after school.

Really? Who did this?

Joel: "Who broke the shower? I was about to bathe!"

Emilia: "I wish I would age up into a young adult so I can get out of this place."

He always shows up to parties with a green stink trail behind him.

Emilia is gorgeous!

Emilia: "Being gorgeous is tiring."

Emilia: "I should go to bed but I want cake."

Sundance: "Emilia is always stealing all of the cake."

It's Fall! The leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter.

Snow is forming on the mountains, it will be getting cold soon.

Winslow stays snuggled up in his warm bed on the cold nights.

Loklyn: "Yay, bath time is fun!"

Loklyn: "I can't handle this crying kid, where is Novie when you need her?"

Cassie: "I was just crying so you would panic."

Cassie: "Oh, I would also like some milk."

Emilia: "What is that noise?"

Emilia: "Who left the tv on in MY room and woke me up?!"

Emilia: "I bet it was Joel."

Sundance isn't normal... swimming at night in cold weather with her clothes on.

Emilia: "Boop, I got your little nosey!"

I love their relationship, Emilia is such a good big sister.

Pennie: "I've been searching for where they hide the blueberry milk, your face smells like it, where is it?!"

Pennie: "I'm afraid I'll never find it!"

Pennie: "I'll just run around like a crazy dog until someone gives me attention."

Omelette: "It looks so cold outside, you won't see me out there until spring is here."

Emilia: "I feel the same, Omelette! We can stay in my warm bed and watch tv all winter."

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