Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 258

Samuel: "Three candles... seriously? I'm older than that."

Emilia: "He has an amazing cake right in front of him and he's worried about the candles."

He's still smoking, that means he just blew himself up before the party.

Novie: "Is it time to blow this yet?"

Pennie: "Who's making all of that loud noise?!"

Samuel: "My whole family has their attention on me, time to shine!"

Granny in bathing suit, toasted Chase, smelly Loklyn... check!

Samuel is cute! He reminds me a lot of Nolan in the face.

Nolan: "That's an insult, I look better than that."

Nolan: "In fact, I look better than any Baudelaire that has ever existed!"

Chase: "Any Baudelaire ever? Including me?!"

Samuel: "Nolan does not look better than me!"

Samuel: "That's just rude."

Novie: "Too many teenage emotions around here, eww!"

Loklyn: "Yeah, eww."

You don't have any room to talk, smelly.

Novie: "I will give him some room to talk, I'm not getting anywhere near him."

Novie: "Since when did this boy have blue hair?"

Granny is losing it.

Really? SO CLOSE.

The Baudelaire's got a new bird! I feel like they have so many of them.

The bird is in the dining room so he can watch everyone have dinner.

It was a beautiful day until the creepy llama mascot showed up!

Get out of here!

Sawyer always works out before baby arrives, I think she gets self conscious. 

It's a warm summer day so all of the kids decided to go outside and enjoy the pool they never use.

Well, everyone except Joel.

Emilia: "I'm about to do a dive, wanna watch?!"

Samuel: "Weeeee!!!"

Chase: "Mom said I have to shower before getting in the pool, I wanted to bathe in the pool!"

Hopefully nobody gets caught on Blake's hook.

Sundance: "Everything okay?...."
Sawyer: "Sundance, find help!"

Sundance: "Whaaaaaa!!!"
Sawyer: "Yes, that really helps!"

Emilia: "Sundance is crying, what do we do?!"

Did you forget something?

Samuel: "Mom's in labor!"
Joel: "WHAT?! I thought we were freaking out because of Sundance crying!"

Sawyer: "This is just great."

Sawyer: "Now mom is freaking out too?!"

After everyone finally left the room, Sawyer welcomed another baby girl!

Introducing, Cassie Baudelaire!

Blake: "That was boring, time for bed."

Pennie beat him to it.

Barkley: "What is this and why did someone leave it on the floor?!"

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