Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 192

Elodie: "Why don't you take a shower? You've been toasty for 3 days now."

Elodie: "Everyone around here is nuts."

It's a beautiful night for Elodie to play outside.

While Emzie snoozes in her new bed.

Annalee decided to take a break from painting to watch a little news, no rain or snow expected anytime soon.

Emzie: "I hate the news, change the channel!"

Annalee: "Come here, I bet belly rubs will make everything better."

Annalee: "Such a sweet kitty."

Rory: "I wanted to pet the cat!!!"

Eva got home late so she had to get her homework done really quick before going to bed.

Eva: "Homework is killing me!"

Elodie: "Why don't you take your weird self into a different room, I'm trying to sleep in here."

Maisy: "The voices, they never stop!"
Elodie: "I always walk into the room at the wrong time."

Maisy: "Somebody help me, my hand is about to attack!"

Zoey: "Someone save my daughter!"

Elodie: "This crazy thing is more fun than it looks!"

Elodie: "Maybe I should start being crazy like everyone else."

Rory: "Party over here! I get to move out of this place!"

It's so hard to let her go, she was so close to being heir.

Rory: "I'm moving out and you make me take the trash out before I leave?"

Go back inside! There's no laundry outside.

Grayson: "But there's laundry everywhere."

Nora: "I have an awesome idea!"

Nora: "Wait, give me a minute, I forgot it."

Maisy heard about a performance going on in town so she hopped on her bike and headed there.

Maisy: "Wooo! I want to see someone get in a box and you bring out the knives!"

Magician Guy: "OMG, OMG! It's a crazy Baudelaire, I can't believe I get the chance to meet one!"

The weather cleared up a little so I sent Maisy to the park, she found Loie!

Goog job.

Elodie: "I'm so glad you're home, it wasn't the same without your craziness here!"

Nora: "Wow, doing nothing all day made me really tired."

Emzie: "Are you ever going to stop painting and give me belly rubs?"

Grayson: "I wonder where these little simoleons come from, maybe I can touch them."

It's not time, you're supposed to be with us longer!
Annalee: "I know but I can't stand being in this house any longer."

Annalee Baudelaire
May 4, 2013 - July 7, 2013

You take our precious Baudelaire's and then have fun in our pool?! I don't think so!

Maisy: "I love bad things but that's horrible!"

There's multiple things wrong here.

Maisy: "That hurt."

Why don't you change into your bathing suit and maybe you could slide better.

She recovered from the face plant pretty quick.

Maisy: "This is so much better than spending time outside getting hurt!"

Eva: "Maisy is hogging the game and couch, I want to sit down and play too!"

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