Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 188

Grayson: "I hate taking out poopy."

James and Julissa are so good with their homework, they get started on it every day when they get home from school.

Annalee: "I hope I don't drop this, it's our last piece of bread!"

Nuvie: "I don't like the taste of this kibble!"

Reese: "Why don't you get a different kind of kibble for Nuvie?!"

Reese: "It's finally time for my birthday! One step closer to getting out of this house!"

Reese: "I. Look. Awesome!"

Grayson: "I can't believe how handsome my son is!"

Rory is up next!


Rory: "I hate being a kid."

She's so much like Reese.

Reese: "I taught my little sister well."

Zoey: "Did you hear the joke about the two ferns?!"

Nuvie: "Is she seriously talking to a plant?"

Rory: "Who farted?"


Elodie turned out so cute... and grumpy!


Davin turned out cute too, he's happier than Elodie.

Rory: "What are you looking at?"

Rory is so much like Reese.

Elodie: "When are you planning on filling my food dish?"

Nuvie: "Stay away from my food dish!"

Elodie: "I have to get out of here, mom is freaking out!"

Rory: "Tell Julissa to get out while I eat my pie!"

Julissa: "I just wanted to spend some time with my sister."

Rory: "I don't want to spend time with anyone!"

And Rory broke the bathtub.

Elodie: "There's a broken bathtub?! That means there's water to play in!"

Stop making a bigger mess!

James: "Those dogs are so messy and gross."

Good dog, now stay away from the broken tub.

All of the crazy birthday Sims have gathered for James and Julissa's birthday party!

Julissa is beautiful!

Julissa: "Let's see, how many days do I have until I can get away from here?"

James: "I LOVE being a teenager!"

Repair Guy: "Let me in, I need to fix the tub."

Julissa: "The tub still isn't fixed?!"

Rory loves swimming!

Rory: "You ate the last pancakes? You. Will. Pay."

Rory: "Your face is ugly, get away."

Rory: "Your face is ugly too."

Reese: "Get out of my way, old man."

Wow, there's so many moody Sims around here.

At least James has a reason to be moody.

I can't believe I found someone that's not moody!

Elodie: "Sprinklers are awesome!"

Julissa: "I want to play in the sprinklers too."

Rory: "Didn't I tell you to go away? I don't want to play chess with someone else."

Baby #5 is on the way!

Zoey: "This better be the last one."

It's almost time!

Reese: "Another kid?! We don't need anymore kids around here!"

Rory: "Grandma, your pie sucks."

They decided to keep Elodie, isn't she adorable?!

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