Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 189

James: "Hey mom, what's up?"

Zoey: "Go find your dad!"

James: "Why are you having the baby in my room?!"

Zoey welcomed a little girl! Introducing, Maisy Baudelaire!

And another little girl... Introducing, Nora Baudelaire!

I was not expecting a third girl... Introducing, Eva Baudelaire! We're definitely going to have to move now.

Zoey: "I don't want 7 kids!"

Elodie: "I don't want triplets trying to touch me and pull my fur."

The Baudelaire's decided to move into a bigger house since their other one was pretty small, they moved to Sunlit Tides.

Reese: "I don't like Sunlit Tides."
You don't like anything.

James: "It's so hot here, can't we move somewhere cooler?"

Get the babies off of the ground!

Elodie: "I can't believe they put the babies on the ground."

Elodie: "I love how big the house is, there's a ton of room to run around!"

Annalee: "Who's a cute little pod baby? You are!"

So, it begins.

I don't think I'm ready for 3 screaming toddlers!


Nora: "You see this finger? It's my boogie finger."

Rory: "Ewww!"

Trippy: "Those kids are going to try to wipe boogers all over me."


Maisy looks just like James! I thought Rory would be heir but I guess we will have to see.

Rory: "Stop cheering, happy things make me angry."

Julissa: "How much longer is this going to take? I need to use the bathroom!"

Grayson: "This is so stressful, I just want the party to be over and now my kids are trying to pee on the floor."

Zoey: "What is going on? Everyone is usually excited for parties."


Eva is so cute! I'm glad she looks different than Maisy and Nora.

Rory: "I need to pee, I don't think I can hold it."

Rory: "I hope nobody saw that!"

Grayson: "I'm not cleaning that up."

Nuvie: "Do I smell pee?"

Nora: "Someone feed me!"

Nora is the grumpy baby of the bunch, Maisy is always happy.

Maisy: "Look how awesome this is, the milk matches my hair!"

This reminds me of when James and Julissa were little babies.

Grayson: "Are you ready to use the potty for the first time?"

Eva has the best view from her crib.

The girls decided to play a little racing game before school, they should have been doing their homework.

James was stuck in the corner playing but he still had a lot of fun.

It seems like Zoey only has time to sleep since she takes care of the triplets so much.

Elodie: "I'm trying to find the water, where is it?"

All around your house.

Trippy: "Does that mean we get to go swimming?"

Trippy made an odd new furry friend!

Elodie finally found the water, she loves it.

Elodie: "Sunlit Tides water tastes better than the water in my bowl."

Eva: "Someone get me out of here and feed me!"

Maisy: "You forgot Eva in her crib!"

Rory: "I'm tired of those kids screaming all of the time."

Reese looks so much like Zoey, he's her clone.

This is too soon, Trippy isn't that old!

Trippy Baudelaire
May 3, 2013 - June 24, 2013

Nuvie: "What am I going to do without Trippy? We did everything together."


  1. Three babies ? Oh my god, good luck! :)
    I looks forward to the next episode. Love your legacy
    French fan :)

  2. how is the milk pink?! great as always:)

    1. I downloaded a mod to change the milk color. ^_^