Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 191

Emzie: "Prepare. To. Die."

Is she... farting bubbles???

Zoey: "Eww, she ruined my love for bubbles."

Eva: "I still love you even though you fart bubbles."

Zoey: "How many more days until the triplets are out of the house?"

I think everyone is happy about this moment, no more stinky diapers and screaming babies!


Maisy: "Now that I'm older I have plans to take over the world, I'm telling you because you can't tell anyone and ruin my plan."

Elodie: "What?"

Elodie: "You're not serious, please tell me you're not serious."

Elodie: "You're just joking, right? Right?!"

Maisy: "The dog should know that I would not joke about taking over the world."


Maisy: "She turned out pretty, why did she turn out pretty?"
Eva: "Maisy hates me because I'm beautiful."


Nora looks just like Annalee!

Everyone was tired after the party except the triplets so they headed to the water for some fun.

Eva: "The water is AMAZING!"

Odie decided to take all of the girls out to swim.

Maisy: "Something just touched my leg!"

Maisy: "I'm serious, let me back on the boat!"

Eva: "Nothing like swimming all day and then have something go wrong with potions."

Elodie: "Get that girl out of here, she's going to burn the house down."

Maisy: "Stupid Eva, that's my job."

This thing pops up all over the house.

Nora: "Where did that thing come from?"

Rory: "My world domination plans aren't going so well."

Maisy: "Why is she playing chess? I hate chess but I don't want her touching it."

Grayson: "Why does my kid hate everything?"

I bet she doesn't hate Elodie, who could hate that sweet face?

Maisy: "Hmmm... I wish this cake would explode."

Maisy turned out beautiful! She looks just like James.

Maisy: "Shut your face, grandma."

Uh oh, it looks like we have an insane Baudelaire on our hands.

Nora: "Seriously? She was already insane enough without the trait!"

Eva's face is shaped a little weird but she's still beautiful! Something about her looks like Grayson.

Everyone freaked out because Elodie came in wet and shook water everywhere.

Elodie: "It's just water, it's not going to hurt you!"

It's back!

Elodie: "Is it stalking us?"

Off to hunt for gems!

Elodie: "Have you seen any gems around here?"

Maisy is shy in a new place, it's nice to see her not mad.

Nothing like a nice relaxing day in the water.

I found Delia at the gym!

Rory and Maisy decided to spend some relaxing time outside discussing their world domination plans and talking about how much they hate everything.

Meanwhile Emzie is having a ton of fun in her kitty condo.

After dinner the whole family gathered in the skill room to work on their skills.

I don't know who you love but it better not be anyone around here!

Rory: "Does the creepy llama mascot love me?!"

Rory: "Yay, someone finally loves me."

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