Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 190

Zoey: "I forgot, what did I come in here for?"

Grayson: "She didn't forget, YOU just cancelled her action."

Annalee: "Grayson has been acting stranger lately, he thinks someone is controlling us."

Get out of there, that is not for you to enjoy!

Grayson: "Why is the Grim Reaper swimming in our pool?!"

Grayson: "Maybe my super werewolf powers will scare him away!"

I think your face will scare him away.

Elodie: "I'm supposed to be the only furry thing around here."

Maisy: "Why does daddy have to be a big mean werewolf?!"

Zoey: "It's okay, daddy is only a werewolf for a day."

Maisy: "Maybe I get to be a werewolf when I'm older!"

Rory: "Oh no, I can't stop the change. Must. Resist."

Rory: "Back off, I bite!"

Wow, she is hideous.

Elodie: "I hate it when everyone changes into a werewolf."

Emzie likes to hide out in Zoey and Grayson's room when everyone turns into a werewolf.

Who are you and what are you doing here?!

James: "I invited her home so she can use her ugliness to scare the werewolf out of dad and Rory."

Grayson: "The kid is watching me, I can feel it."

Grayson: "Hi, I left the dirty potty for you."
Annalee: "Wow, thanks a lot."

It takes help from everyone in the house to take care of the triplets.

James: "Did you say that you love your big brother more than anyone? I think you did."

All of them have been potty trained and know how to walk, next is talking!

James: "Dad, I need to talk to you."
Grayson: "I'm tired of these kids always wanting my attention."

Reese: "Dad better not be trying to be more moody than me."

Annalee: "Someone catch my pancake before it hits the floor!"

It's party time for Reese! I can't believe he's about to grow up and move out.

Elodie: "Is she ever going to look normal again?"

He is SO cute! I can see him getting married quick and having lots of babies.

Yes, you're finally changing!

Rory looks beautiful when she's not a werewolf! I can't believe how beautiful she is.

Rory: "Who are you callin' beautiful?"

Oooh, oldie love, let's give them some privacy.

Annalee: "Yeah, a little privacy around here would be nice."

Stalker Nora, reminds me of Heartleigh and Peyson.

James: "Great, Nora already creeped me out, now it's worse."

Rory is either mad or shy, she can never make up her mind.

Be careful!

Rory: "He's going to fall off and break something!"

This is Rory's favorite thing to do!

James: "This is awesome!"

Why aren't you in your swimwear?!

James: "Swimwear... who needs swimwear when you can wear two shirts and a tie?"

Julissa: "Are you sure this slide is safe?"

Julissa: "This. Is. Awesome!"

Julissa: "No, no, no! This is going to hurt tomorrow!"

Odie decided to take Maisy out to swim for the first time.

Odie: "Kick your feet, Maisy!"

Odie: "That's my girl, you love the water like grandpa."

Julissa: "I love the water too."

Julissa: "I finally get to move out of this cramped house, I get cake too."

Julissa is beautiful! Zoey and Grayson created some of the best looking kids.

Julissa: "HAHA!"

What are you pointing at?! It better be the cake.

James: "Stop this, I don't want to grow up and move out!"

James: "So, ladies... like what you see? Yeah you do."


  1. So I just found your legacy blog maybe two or three weeks ago and I've been reading it bit by bit, I've just got caught up now. I love the Baudelaire's so much, and I'm always finding myself laughing, I thick Iso was the funniest, although I think Rory may steal that title.
    I've been wanting to start my own legacy for a while but I'm behind on expansion packs :( Hoping to get supernatural and seasons for Christmas then may start after that, I hope my legacy will be as great as yours when I do start it.
    Looking forward to the coming chapters and generations.

    1. I'm glad you love them and you're enjoying them, I love writing their story and sharing it with everyone. ^_^

      When you start your legacy just remember to have fun, a lot of people always stop because they're doing it for likes or readers but then they stop when they don't get that, I've always done it for fun and I never plan on stopping, I love playing the Baudelaire's.

  2. Hi I'm just wondering where did you get zoeys hair and onesie type thing. I love the legacy and I am making my own but I'm to young to put it up on the internet so look out for the Lloyd legacy
    Thank 4 making this legacy I love how you make everything so child friendly
    From Luke

    1. I think I got Zoey's hair from Newsea on TSR, I'm not completely sure though. It took me a while to find her outfit but I got it from here:

      I'm glad you like my legacy, I love writing it. :D
      That's the thing I'm the most proud of with my legacy, I like to keep it kid friendly and funny so younger kids can read if they want to, it will always be that way. ^_^