Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 193

Time for a nice workout in heels, who needs to wear sneakers?

Emzie: "Turn that stupid tv off and go to bed!"

Elodie: "I think Emzie scares me more than the tv does!"

But Maisy makes everything better by playing with the piggy toy!

Elodie: "Gimme the little piggy toy!"

Maisy: "Is everything better now?"

Emzie: "I love scaring the dog."

It's finally party time for the triplets! It's time to see who gets to be heir.

Maisy: "Am I supposed to sparkle?! I don't think this is normal!"

Well, nothing is normal around here.

Maisy is our heiress! I love her, she has the perfect mix of traits and is beautiful.

Maisy: "More cake, yay!"

Nora: "You're not letting her near my cake, right?"

Next up is Eva!

Eva: "So you're saying I have to move out, get a job and take care of myself?!"

Eva: "But I wanted to mooch off of my parents for the rest of my life."

Elodie: "She better get out of here, I'm the mooch around here!"

Maisy: "I don't know why you picked me as heir, this place sucks."

Maisy: "I better get an awesome looking husband if I have to spend the rest of my life stuck with this crazy family."

Maisy: "So far I'm not impressed."
Wyatt: "Yay, I got placed in a rich family!"

Maisy: "You're pretty cute but are you normal?"

Maisy: "Things can get pretty crazy around here so it would be nice if you added some normalcy to the family."

Wyatt: "Oh yeah, I'm pretty normal but I'm sure the craziness will rub off on me."

Wyatt: "What are you staring at, old man?"
Odie: "You have some funny looking hair."

As soon as Odie left the room Maisy attacked Wyatt with a kiss.

Wyatt: "WOW, you are an amazing kisser."

Maisy: "Thanks."

Maisy: "Do you want to see a video of how I learned how to kiss?"
Wyatt: "I don't know, do I...?"

Wyatt: "Why would you show me that?!"

Maisy: "I thought you would like it."

They are so cute together!

Maisy: "I would like two plane tickets to Shang Simla, please!"

Wyatt: "I can't believe I'm in Shang Simla!"

Maisy: "This place sucks."

After complaining about everything Maisy hopped on her bike to find something to do.

And apparently that something is stalking.

Maisy: "I wonder what this is?"

Maisy: "Did you hear that?! It sounded like a trap door."

It was a trap door! Time for a little adventure.

Maisy: "What in the world is that touching my hand?!"

Whatever it was must have activated her insane trait.

Maisy: "I wish the voices would leave me alone while I'm on vacation!

Umm, Maisy... I don't think that's a very good idea.

Maisy: "You might want to cover your ears!"

Maybe it was a good idea! Nobody got hurt and it turned out beautiful.

Maisy: "I just saw a shooting star! Maybe I should make a wish."

Wyatt: "Oooh, a shooting star."

Wyatt: "It looks like it's coming right at me!"

Maisy: "If it's coming towards us we can just hop on my invisible horse and gallop away!"

Or makeout, whatever works the best.

Wyatt is here to stay! I think he will fit in perfect.


  1. Loved this chapter where did you get Eva's eye shadow from

    1. It's been so long since I downloaded it, I can't remember. I'm pretty sure it came from TSR though, if you filter the downloads to the top downloaded eye shadow it should be there.