Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 160

Avia loves to go for a swim when she gets home from school.

Avia: "Why are you always watching everything I do?"

Andrew: "Ooops, I made bubblies."

Aubrey loves to search the galaxy! Maybe that's why the aliens always target her.

Avia: "I am your queen and your heiress, you must do everything I say!"

Avia: "Noelle, my sidekick... where are you? Calling Noelle!"

Noelle: "What did you need me for? Do I need to help rule the kingdom?"

Avia: "Yes, we must rule this kingdom together!"

Connor: "I am a pretty purple astronaut!"

Connor: "I hate being a stupid astronaut!"

Noelle: "RAWRRR!"
Avia: "Oh. My. Gosh. Is that a dinosaur?!"

All Baudelaire's are afraid of dinosaurs.

Avia: "I am a pretty princess, I am beautiful and rule all of the land."

Isis: "She doesn't rule this chair, it's mine."

Jasper: "Stupid dishwasher, you're ugly because you're always breaking."

How does that treadmill taste?

NO, they're here for Aubrey!


Jasper: "I don't know why I've never tried this before, it's so fun!"

Avia looks so cute on her way home, look at the training wheels on her broom!

Toby has been very affectionate lately, he loves Ayla.

Avia: "Does Toby want a belly rub? Do you?"
Toby: "Just stop talking and give me a belly rub."

Isis: "Why does Toby get a belly rub and I don't?!"

Not much is cuter than two purple kiddos doing homework!

Aubrey: "I don't think I mixed the right potions."
You never do.

Loki: "Hai pretty feathers."

Yummy, french toast with cat hair.

Melvin: "I would like to be served one tasty plate of french toast with cat hair, please."

Ayla: "I guess I'll make him a plate of french toast then."

Jasper: "Captain! I've spotted some creep taking pictures of me while I'm bathing."

Rylan brought a pretty girl home from school, let's see if she likes him.

I guess that's a yes?

Rylan: "Hahahaha, you totally got me with that water balloon!"

Noelle: "He is so strange."

And she didn't reject him!

Rylan: "So, Dad? I met this girl and I'm really into her, should I ask her to prom?"
Breyden: "Sure! You will never know what you missed if you don't take a chance."

Avia: "I was trying to take a shower, can you just get out."
Andrew: "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to walk in on you!"

Melvin: "He better not walk in on me when I'm licking myself."

Aubrey: "The dog licks itself, ewww!!!"

Andrew: "Splishy, splashy! This is fun!"

Rainy days in Sunlit Tides are beautiful. 

Aubrey: "It's raining?!"

Jasper: "She finally realized it's raining, yay for mom."

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