Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 157

Andrew: "Look at my big boy, do you like Sunlit Tides?"

The boys love the warm days, they get to go outside and play!

Connor: "I love my sea horsey."

Aww, I wonder who this cute little guy is?

Toby: "I'm searching for a colorful little puppy that just ran by, have you seen him?!"

Of course I've seen him, he's the newest member of the family!
Meet Melvin!

Toby: "Melvin? Why is he colored like that?"

Such a beautiful day to learn how to walk!

Jasper: "Look at all of the bubbles!"

Jasper: "Why are you watching me bathe, creep?!"

Baby #4 is on the way, I think everyone knows that Aubrey is going to have a ton of kids.

Aubrey: "I've had 3 kids, one is on the way so... how many will I have???"

Aubrey: "Weeee!"

Evenings are such a relaxing time since all of the screaming kids are napping.

Not for long... the babies are awake!

Aubrey: "What is this?!?!"

Aubrey: "It's the tickle monster!"

I love this little guy!

Andrew: "I love adorable puppies!!!"


I love his big ears!
Melvin: "I have big ears?"

Aubrey: "Don't pick on his cute, big ears."

Andrew: "Yeah, don't pick on his ears."
I wasn't picking!

Rylan: "Get me out of this girly crib!"


Rylan looks like a little rocker dude!

Since the new baby is coming soon Aubrey decided to teach the twins the rest of their life skills, they are learning quick.

She finished just in time, baby time!

Aubrey: "I can't wait to meet my sparkly new baby."

She had another set of twins! I forgot to get a picture of twin #2 but she had two girls.
Introducing, Avia and Noelle Baudelaire!

He goes crazy on this horse.

Isis: "Back away from my trash."

Rylan: "You did not see anything."

The girls are growing up so fast! We're about to have four toddlers in the house.


I think we have our heiress, I'm in love with Avia!
Avia: "Really? You love me so you are going to keep me surrounded by crazy Sims forever, is that what you do with the Sims you love?"

Baby Noelle is up next!
Breyden: "This cake looks disgusting!"

Noelle is so unique and derpy, everyone knows I love derpy babies!

Cutest twins ever!

Andrew: "Stupid baby gets all of the attention, I want to be tickled."

Breyden loves the new bubble bar.

Noelle: "Bubbles!"

Ayla: "Why don't I get any bubbles?"

There is not one day that toddlers don't get scared around here.

But Aubrey makes everything better with tickles.

Avia: "I love my mommy's tickles!"

Ayla: "Eugh, how long has it been since someone cleaned this toilet?!"


  1. omg I LOOOOVE the pictures of Melvin, i miss him so much!

    - Mette

  2. How come the Baudelaire's never get dressed. this legacy.