Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 159

Jasper: "Hello all of my beautiful peasants, you must bring me food, lots and lots of food."

The boys love to swing in the evening after they get home from school.

Ayla: "Ahhh, I love Spring time, the flowers smell amazing."

Ayla: "Anyone want fish for dinner?"

Avia: "I want fish for dinner! Just let me get my bath and I'm ready!"

Avia: "Can you go away? You watch us potty, you watch us sleep and now you are watching us bathe!"


Rylan: "There's a party tonight?!"

Rylan: "I love parties! Why didn't anyone tell me about this party?!"

Jasper: "Rylan is very strange... I can't be related to that weirdo."

Avia: "I can't be related to either one of them."

Connor: "I don't see what the big deal is with parties, they are not special."

Everyone loves derpy party babies!

Noelle: "Who are you callin' derpy?"

Aubrey: "Are you ready to see this magic? Are you?!"

Melvin: "Stupid magic, it's all fake."

Tippy: "Hello Mr. Fly, how are you doing today?"

Tippy has the cutest face.

Aubrey decided to enter a hot dog eating contest after she failed with her magic.

Aubrey: "What was I thinking, I shouldn't have done this."

Aubrey: "Uhhh, how many did I eat?"


Now Tippy is an elder!  :(

Aubrey: "Are you ready for this?! I don't think you are."

Rylan: "There is something seriously wrong with mom."

Rylan: "Is anyone going to show up for my party?"

Rylan: "Everyone did show up for my party, they do love me."

Connor: "I never said I loved him, I just wanted cake!"

Tippy: "Hello, Avia."
Avia: "The cat is stalking me again!"

Tippy: "Always."

Aubrey: "Why did you skip school?! You know your education is important!"

Noelle: "Sorry! I just slept late."

Andrew: "I don't think I've told you how much I love you lately."

Always a child at heart.

Connor: "YES! Mom is finally doing to play dress up with me!"

Melvin: "Everyone else is being weird, I might as well be weird too!"

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