Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 161

Jasper: "It's my birthday, I can't believe my birthday is finally here."

Breyden: "I'm ready for my birthday too!"

I think everyone is excited except Rylan.

Jasper: "Why isn't Rylan excited for my party?!"

Connor: "Now it's my turn for a wish, I just wish everyone would be quiet so I could think of one!"

Jasper: "He wants us to be quiet so lets be really loud!"
Andrew: "Yeaaahhh!"

Aubrey was the only one that put on something other than pajamas for the party.

Connor: "Yeah, I'm glad mom didn't show up in her bra and undies to embarrass me... again."

Connor: "Aww man, I'm tired, bed time now."

And apparently it's derpy time over here.

Rylan: "I make a better derpy face!"
I don't think I would be proud of that.

Rylan: "The air won't move so I can have derpy time!"

Toby: "There's something very wrong with that kid."

I think there's something very wrong with everyone around here.

Jasper: "Yep, everyone but me."

Someone is getting married today, it's such a beautiful day for a wedding!

Ayla: "Who's getting married?"
You are, now go propose to your future husband.

Ayla: "That person that controls us told me to propose to you so... will you marry me?"

Andrew: "It's about time we got married."
Ayla: "We have had two kids and five grandkids and we're finally getting married, life is complete now."

Andrew has lived here for a while now but he's officially a Baudelaire now!

Aubrey: "Bad dog, you do not go outside and roll in trash."

Toby: "But it's fun and by the way, your shoes look awful."

Avia: "That dog is so rude, I like mom's shoes."

Noelle: "Yes, party time, evil party time."

Ayla: "I love evil parties!"

Make that evil AND insane party.
Jasper: "I can't even watch this madness."

Connor: "Are we really having another party?"

Noelle turned out beautiful! Her very dark skin was odd at first but she has grown into it, it looks perfect with her hair and eyes.

Noelle: "Blow out the candles, blow out the candles!!!"

Ayla: "I still can't believe I'm married."
Focus on the party.

Connor: "I'm so happy that grandma is finally married!!!"
Why can't everyone just focus on the party!

Avia turned out beautiful too! She's still a clone of Aubrey.

Noelle: "Who am I a clone of?"

Noelle: "B-but... I want to be a clone too."

Tippy: "I told you to stay away from my food!"

Melvin: "What's going on over there?"

Melvin: "Stop that! We are going to get in trouble."

Ayla: "I found a cute little doggy that wants to play with his piggy toy!"
Melvin: "Just give me the toy."

Ayla: "I still cannot believe I'm married!"
She's never going to stop doing that.

Jasper: "Grandma needs to be quiet about getting married, it's not that amazing."

Jasper: "But... I get married too, right? Right?!"

Connor: "Grandma has sucked him into her marriage obsession!"

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  1. I love how she is admiring her wedding ring, but there is no ring on her finger. LOL