Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 156 (Introducing Generation 17!)

Myloh: "This feels strange."

Myloh was one of the best Baudelaire's ever, he will be missed!

Myloh Baudelaire
September 16, 2012 - December 29, 2012

Ayla: "What is happening?!"

Aubrey: "Myloh can't be dead, I didn't even get a chance to get to know him."

Breyden: "This means I'm the main man of the household now?"
Never! Don't be mean about my Myloh.

We lost a very important Baudelaire but the future generation is on the way, maybe he/she will look like Myloh!

Breyden: "Ha, look like Grandpa? It's going to look just like me."

Aubrey waddles like a penguin!

Aubrey: "Why would you call me a penguin?!"

Breyden: "Look at what you did! Why did you call my wife a penguin and make her go into labor?!"

Everyone forgot about the penguin drama as soon as the new baby made his arrival, he's a little purple baby!

Introducing the first baby of generation 17, Rylan Baudelaire!

Aubrey: "Look at my sweet little mini penguin."

Breyden: "I told you he would look just like his daddy."

Tippy: "Hey, don't forget about me down here, I'm still adorable!"

Not very much happened between the time Rylan was born and his first birthday, party time!


He's so cute and derpy!
Breyden's skin, Andrew's hair and Aubrey's eyes make a cute combination.

Aubrey: "Here you go, drink your strange looking green milk."

Rylan: "Wow, this stuff tastes awesome!"
I'm starting to think whatever is in that milk is what's making the Baudelaire's crazy.  o_o

I'm guessing you already knew baby #2 would be here soon.

Aubrey: "Someone is a big boy so you need to learn how to use the big boy potty."

Rylan: "What is this?! I can't potty through my pants!"

Rylan: "I just want to potty in diapers forever."
Aubrey: "Okay, you can be my little baby forever."

Andrew: "Come to Grandpa, you can do it!"

Toby: "Wait, she is having another baby?"

Toby: "I guess that's okay, I'm kind of tired of sniffing the other one."

Aubrey: "I think it hurts worse than the first kid!"

Aubrey: "Of course sparkles make everything better."

And Aubrey had twin boys right by the toilet, how sweet!
Introducing, Jasper Baudelaire!

Twin #2 is another purple boy!
Introducing, Connor Baudelaire!

Andrew: "YAY! Twins!"

The Baudelaire's decided that Lucky Palms was a little too dry for them so they moved to Sunlit Tides!

They have an amazing view from their backyard.

The kitties love it because it's a giant litter box.

The twins were ready to age up as soon as they moved!

Jasper is the cutest little thing, he got Keely's eyes and that Baudelaire red hair!

Next up is Connor!

He's a mini Breyden!

Connor: "Why won't this ugly block fit?"
Jasper: "MOM! He won't leave my toy alone!"

Ayla: "Whoa, two grouchy toddlers? I'm not dealing with that."


  1. i just noticed that the milk is not green, its the color of the bottle

  2. do you use mods to have a big family? if you do which ones? :)

    1. I used Master Controller, Woohooer and Portrait Panel. There's links to all of the mods I use on the downloads page. ^_^

    2. oh okay! and none of the mods you use give you problems with playing?

    3. I've never had any problems with them, I actually use a few other mods for other things and a few more from Nraas to keep my game playing smooth. As long as you update them every time they need updated and don't download other mods that will conflict with them your game should play just the same.

  3. alright! thanks!:)

  4. what graphics card do you have? your graphics look really good, and great story btw.

    1. Thank you. ^_^
      I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti