Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 158

Jasper: "Grandma said you have to change my diaper."
Andrew: "What? Aww man."

Don't eat your hands, you're about to get a bottle!

This picture shows the twins' personalities perfect.
Avia = Always Happy.
Noelle = Moody Baby.

Noelle: "I'm not moody."

Aubrey: "Come to Mommy, you can do it!"

Noelle: "I can walk better than Avia!"

Noelle: "And I can dance better than Avia too!"

Andrew: "Woohoo, everybody join Noelle and dance for my birthday!"

Andrew is a pretty cute old man.

Toby: "Hey kid, don't tell anyone I shredded the couch, okay?"

Avia: "You know what's about to happen."

Avia: "DADDY!!!"

Breyden: "Who's my adorable little clone of her mommy? You are!"

This is a massive mushroom.

Avia: "Where did that huge mushroom come from???"

Ayla decided to spend a little time outside with the mushroom, she feels like it's a part of the family now.

Connor: "These blocks taste awesome, bro! You should try one."

It's time for Jasper and Connor's party!


Jasper is dressed as an adorable little plant!
Jasper: "Adorable? I'm not adorable."


And Connor is a cutie too!

Noelle: "Why are you watching me potty? Don't you have something better to do?"

Andrew: "I'm not cleaning the potty, haha!"

Ayla: "You make Breyden get that thing out of my face or this cake ends up in his face."

Connor: "I love it when grandma is moody!"

Ayla: "I didn't mean that, I take it back!"

Rylan: "I-I can't watch grandma get burned by the cake!"

Jasper: "Does anyone plan on putting the fire out?!"

Rylan: "Grandpa! Your boxers aren't closed!"

Ayla: "I don't like this, being old hurts."

Aubrey: "Sometimes I need a break from the kids, so I blow some bubbles."

Aubrey: "They're so pretty, look how pretty they are."

Aubrey: "POP! Hahahaha."
Connor: "Don't you think you have had enough?"


Poor Toby, I hate seeing him old and gray.


And poor Loki is old too, I hate to see all of the pets grow old.

Melvin: "I'm not the next to grow up, am I?"
No, not for a very long time!

Isis: "Hey kid, watch me sparkle."

Isis: "My sparkles are the best."

Isis: "The sparkles are awesome, the aging... not so much."

Noelle: "Must. Chew. Must. Chew."

Ayla: "PULLLLL! Why won't this bag of laundry come out?!"

Ayla: "That is one stinky and heavy load of laundry."

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