Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 145

What a wonderful way to start off a chapter!

Colette: "I'm about to have 3 precious grandbabies."

Claire learned everything she needed to know so now it's time to get her party started!

I love derpy birthday babies!

Colette: "That thought just sunk in, we are about to have 3 kids here."


She looks nothing like Keely or Myloh but I still love her!

Iso: "Where did you come from? You don't look like anyone else around here."

Tyler was ready to age up the next day, I'm hoping for a Keely clone!

Myloh: "I protest this party, I don't want my baby to grow up."


Okay, I love this kid. Isn't he the cutest?!

Gamble: "You have problems."
Tyler: "Want a boogie, Gamble?"

Gamble: "So you have purple skin and blue hair, why don't you smell like grapes and blueberries?"

Someone is always loving on Tyler, he's like a magnet with his cuteness.

Myloh: "Good night, little buddy, see you in the morning."

Gamble: "Where did this kid come from?!"

Baby #4!
I think this might be the last baby for Keely and Myloh, but we will see...

Keely: "It better be the last, I'm tired of having kids."

Don't leave us, we need you now more than ever with another baby on the way!
Carlee: "That's why I'm leaving, I don't want to take care of anymore kids."

Carlee Baudelaire

August 3, 2012 - November 13, 2012

Cricket: "Someone flushed the fishy down the toilet, I wanted to play with it."
I don't think that was a fish.

Uh oh, the moody toddler is awake!

Tyler: "Let me out of this prison you call a bed!"

Keely: "Why is Tyler always so moody?!"
It looks like pregnancy hormones are going crazy today.

Keely: "Ugh, I am so tired today."

Of course a little play time with Tyler cheered her up, she loves her kids.

Tyler: "I look like this woman, seriously?"

Colette decided to take a break from painting and head down to the river for a swim.

She swam for hours.

Myloh: "I wanted to go swimming!"

Homework and dinner time!

Tyler had a long day learning how to walk and talk, he accomplished both.

He was a pro at walking.

Keely couldn't believe how quick he learned!

Neither could he!
Tyler: "Walking is so easy, I should have done it sooner!"

Iso: "Is anyone going to let me in?"

Gavin: "Why do you make me practice potions? It never ends well!"

Tyler: "I. Want. My. Milk!!!"

Cricket: "Moody kids everywhere, time to run for cover!"

Cricket is not going to be happy about this, it's baby time again!
Keely: "Please let this be the last one!"

Another purple girl, Keely's purple skin must be dominant.
Introducing, Ayla Baudelaire!

Tyler: "I'm not the baby anymore, nobody will love me."
Yes they will, you are still the cutest little boy ever.

Tyler: "You're right, nobody can resist me!"

There's plenty of good beds in this house and Cricket likes to sleep on the bathroom floor.

Keely: "I'm gonna kiss your belly!"


  1. Seriously, Cricket is my FAVORITE character! He's super adorable!!

    I feel so bad that I haven't read your legacy from the beginning yet but I still felt really sad when Carlee passed away. ;_;


    1. I love Cricket, she has so much personality. ^_^

      It's okay that you haven't read it from the beginning, if you do want to read it, it doesn't get very good until generation 5-6, the beginning wasn't the best. :P

      Sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment, I didn't see it until now.

  2. Gosh I just can't get over how cute your legacy is. What is Myloh always in his sleeping clothes? Does he ever get dressed?