Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 148

Tyler: "Are you ready to see me dominate everyone at snow boarding?"

Tyler: "Get prepared, this is going to be epic!"

It was epic!

Claire: "Just take it slow, I don't want to fall."
Why are you in your pajamas?!

Claire: "Whoa!"
Ayla: "I'm not sure if I want to do this now!"

Wait...who are you? Get away from her!

Run far away, Ayla!

Great, some creeper decides to ice skate with Ayla and then fails.

Look who we found snow boarding, it's Jayce!

Claire: "It's sooo cold out here."
That's what you get for wearing your pajamas in the snow.

Claire froze and this nice stranger pulled a hair dryer out of his butt and thawed her out.

Claire: "Maybe I should wear a jacket next time."
You think?

It was time for the kids to head home because it was party time for Ayla.

Myloh: "Let's party!"
Ayla: "You're weird, Dad."

I can't believe how beautiful she turned out, she reminds me so much of Keely at her age!

Tyler: "I better not catch any boys talking to my sister!"

The Baudelaire's added a basement to their house with a very nice radio, Tyler and Ayla found it and danced all night long.

Ayla: "You didn't see that awful dance move, did you?"

Hello, cute little kitty. 

No, bad kitty!
Myloh: "Ow, ow, ow!"

It's prom time for all of the kiddos, Ayla looked stunning in her dress.

Myloh: "What have I created?"
I ask the same question about you every day.

I think my heart just broke into a million pieces, we will never forget you, Gamble!

Gamble Baudelaire
August 31, 2012 - November 17, 2012

Colette: "What will we do without Gamble?!"

Colette: "I can't live my life without him, just let me die right here!"

Roux: "Uhhh, are you okay?"
Colette: "Quiet, I'm dying."

Colette finally got up after she fainted three more times, she went straight to the kitchen to start cooking to try to get Gamble's death out of her head.
Iso: "She's cooking the food for me, I'm just going to guard it so nobody else can get it."

It's time for Gavin to grow up so he can move out and start his life!

All of the kids were so happy they would have one less sibling to fight with.

Gavin: "I don't think this is supposed to happen, where are the sparkles coming from?!"

Hello, hello.

Iso: "He turned out pretty good!"

The next day Claire had a birthday, I'm going to miss having Gavin and Claire here.

She turned out prettier than I expected!
Claire: "What does that mean?"

Claire: "You thought I was going to be ugly?!"

What happened to your face?
Ayla: "I dunno, they didn't do very good with the face painting."

Of course, he's in his pajamas.

At least Ayla wore some real outerwear.

They did so good skating together.

Scratch that last thought.

Ayla was a pro at skating, she looked beautiful while doing it too.

Ayla: "This takes a lot of effort and thought. Can't. Fall."
She was so determined to learn everything about skating.

Ayla: "Weeeee!"

Remember Keely started writing before the kids were born? She still is, she completed her lifetime wish!

Roux: "Where did this strange little car come from?!"

Tyler: "So, after I blow out the candles on this cake I have to move? I don't think I'm ready, I thought I was going to be heir."

Tyler: "Nah, I'm ready, I can't be around these crazy Sims any longer."

It's so hard to let go of him and let him move out, he's so cute!

Cricket: "Just kick him out, more room for me."

Myloh: "I hope the water isn't too cold!"

There's nothing like a nice nap after a long swim.

Colette: "Myloh is going to fall off the float and drown, he shouldn't sleep on water!"


  1. I love this family, and I love your legacy! Very inspiring to me ^_^

  2. Gah, I haven't tried snow boarding yet. I should make Calista try that. :P

    Eeek, Ayla needs to learn self defense or something. Skating with strangers... *shakes head*

    Wow, I really have missed out. I still haven't seen anyone freeze. xD It sure makes a funny sight.

    Oh my goodness, Gavin and Ayla and Claire... *faints* Why are all of your sims so GOOD LOOKING? It's not fair.

    Colette is quite the worry-wart. xD

    That was such an entertaining posts. And as I always say, the captions you give your pets... priceless! They always make me laugh! (Not out loud though, because then my family might wonder what I'm doing.. >_> )


    1. I love the snow boarding, I just wish they could do it down a hill. Ayla needs to keep away from shady people. xD

      I love it when they freeze, it's funny when someone comes over to thaw them out. The pets always have to make a funny appearance in the chapters too, I think Cricket is the best. :P

  3. Oh my gosh poor very sad :(