Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 146

Keely: "Come on everyone, my baby is growing up!"
Gavin: "You are embarrassing me."

Claire: "Yes, we are embarrassing him, keep it up!"

Gavin is so handsome!
Gavin: "I know I am."

Gavin: "What is wrong with her?"
I have no idea.

Colette: "That kid is purple, it is freaking me out!"

Keely: "Colette has been surrounded by purple Sims for years and now she is afraid of them?!"

Iso loves Gavin.

Gavin: "Iso loves me, like he is obsessed with me?!"

Gavin: "I can see him stalking my every move now."

Tyler: "I am not related to that weirdo."

Time for Ayla to grow up, I'm going to miss having a baby in the house.

Claire: "Yayyyy..."
Don't get too excited.


She has a strange mixture of genetics but I love it!


Keely: "I'm just tickling her."

Ayla: "This. Milk. Is. Awesome!"

The leaves are changing, it's finally Fall!

Ayla: "Fall? What is Fall?"

She's such a happy baby.

Gavin got sick, he spends most of the day throwing up.

Gamble: "This is my house, nobody can have it."

Ayla: "Why won't the block fit?!"

Colette: "Toddler tantrums, I can't handle them!"
You can't handle anything.

Ayla cheered up as soon as she saw Gamble.

Ayla: "Look at the colorful doggy!"

Colette: "Weeeee!"

I felt so bad for this bird out in the cold snow.

Gamble won't go outside even with a thick coat of fur.

Everyone attended Tyler's birthday, you can tell he was excited about that.


You are still so cute.
Tyler: "Cute? I'm tough, not cute."

Cricket loves to sleep.

Who are you and what are you doing in our house?!

Get out of Ayla's nursery!

Good job, Claire.

Claire: "Yeah, that didn't go as planned."

Ayla loves her big brother, she could talk to him for hours.

Keely did pretty good the first time she went ice skating.
Keely: "Take it slow, one step at a time..."

Keely: "Woah! This is going to hurt!"

Ayla: "Haha, Mommy fell on her butt."

Keely decided to go out and play in the rain after the snow melted.

Gamble was a little worried about her so he waited by the door until she got back.

*Splashy Splashy*

Iso: "I love rain puddles!"

Roux: "Iso better not get our beds wet."

Claire kind of gets forgotten but when it's time for her birthday everybody gathers around. 

Tyler: "Don't. Do. It."

Claire turned out pretty!
Claire: "What can I say? I look pretty good."

Claire: "Now go away while I eat some cake."

So many birthdays around here!

I can't believe Cricket is already an elder.  :(

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