Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 144

I guess you can see from the entrance that the Baudelaire's moved!
You can take a tour around the house here.

Gavin: "The new house is okay, I guess. Now where's my toy box?"

Roux is in love with all of the space to run around in, he ran for hours!

Half the time he was chasing Myloh.

Cricket immediately started exploring under all of the furniture.

Gavin found his toys and he loved them!

After everyone settled in, it was time to teach Claire how to talk.
Iso decided to be a creeper.

Iso: "Hey kid, get that toy out of your mouth."

Iso: "That purple kid looks strange."

Claire: "I don't look strange, do I?"
No, you're cute!

Keely is a writer now, she writes all day long!

No, it followed us!

Colette spends almost all day in this chair, she's obsessed with it.

Bad dog!

Why is everyone destroying the new house?!

Cricket: "Because we can, hahaha."

Gavin: "Blocks!!!"

It's already time for Gavin's birthday, I'm not ready for him to grow up.


He looks the same, just a little older.

Carlee: "All of the babies are getting big, I feel so old."
That's because you ARE old.

Since Gavin and Claire are getting older, Keely and Myloh decided it was time to try for a third baby!


Sleeping Baudelaire babies are so cute.

Myloh: "How are you? Did you have a nice little nap?"

Myloh: "Tickle, tickle, tickle!"

Myloh: "The smelly potty ruined our adorable moment!"

Gavin: "I'm watching you, cat."

Gavin: "At dawn, we ride!!!"

Iso: "It will never know what hit it."

Roux found a stray kitty to play with, I don't think the cat wanted to play.

She's gone insane, someone get the straight jacket.

Are we really trusting an insane old lady to teach our younger generation of Baudelaire's?!

I guess she isn't that bad.

Cricket: "I am cat, bow down to me."

Gavin: "But I am Prince Gavin, you bow down to ME!"

Yep, baby #3 is almost here!

Keely: "Wait, I'm about to be a Mom to 3 kids?!"

Keely: "The derpy claw is about to attack!"

Iso: "This truck looks suspicious, maybe I should pee on the tire."

Colette: "Once upon a time..."

Gavin's bedtime story was interrupted by labor, it's baby time!

Myloh: "But I wanted to hear the rest of the story!"

Keely: "You can read it later!!!"

It's a purple boy!
Introducing, Tyler Baudelaire!

Myloh: "Want to make another baby?"
Can't you two slow down? You just had Tyler.

Myloh is an amazing Dad.

And Keely is an amazing Mom, I hope some of the kids get her pointy ears.


  1. Lol, everything Cricket says makes me laugh. :P

    And babies need pointy ears!!! *crosses fingers that they will appear*


    1. I think one baby gets pointed ears, I just hope they stick around for a while. :D

  2. Such a great chapter. I love your commentary for the pets.