Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 147

Rake those leaves.

Tyler: "Look at all of the pretty colors, I love Fall!"

It's time for Spooky Day activities!

Ayla was so excited that her Mommy took her to the park to celebrate Spooky Day.
Ayla: "Let me eat some hay!"

Tyler decided to go in the haunted house, he was brave and not scared at all.

It started raining and ruined the rest of the day.

Tyler: "Why does it have to rain and ruin all of the fun?"

A little rain didn't stop Keely and Tyler from entering (and winning) an apple bobbing contest!

Colette went to the store and picked up a few pumpkins, she spent most of the evening carving a kitty pumpkin.

She did a really good job!

All of the kids decided to go trick or treating before it got too late, Claire went all out and dressed up but Tyler and Gavin thought they were too cool for costumes.

Colette got her first trick or treater!
Colette: "You get one piece, now go away."

Gamble and Myloh skipped out on all of the fun, they slept the whole day.

As soon as the kids got back from trick or treating it started snowing, Myloh hung the Christmas lights the next day.

Myloh: "Yeah, and it was hard hanging those lights by myself!"

Myloh doesn't do much anymore so he decided to start sculpting.
Myloh: "Stupid clay, how am I supposed to create something out of this big block?"

Ayla: "Why are you purple?"
Claire: "She must not know she is purple too."

I love your little pajamas!
Ayla: "You like my jammies?!"

Keely decided to check on the weather after the kids got home and started on their homework, a lot of snow is on the way!

Ayla is our first winter birthday baby!

Keely: "I had some strange kids."
They get it from you.


I love her!
The heir decision is going to be so difficult.

Myloh did a great job on the lights.

Claire: "He did a horrible job, they look awful."

Ayla: "Well, I think Daddy did an awesome job on the lights."

Cricket has to get one last scratch in before heading to bed.

School was cancelled the next day because all of the snow so Ayla hopped on her bike and was on a hunt for somewhere to ice skate.

She finally found a frozen pond at the cat park.
Ayla: "I hope this is completely frozen."

Ayla: "I'm not very good at this!"

Ayla: "I don't wanna fall, I don't wanna fall!"

Iso doesn't care what kind of weather it is, he loves to pounce on that ball.

Of course he always ends up like this.

Iso: "Don't make fun of me."

Tyler did great with his igloo.

Claire: "Haha, you're an ugly snowman!"

Claire: "You're going down!"
Myloh: "Uhh, are you okay?"

Ayla: "Don't even think about laughing."

Ayla: "I grew up 4 days ago and haven't went to school yet, how many more snow days are we going to have?!"

Claire: "Haha, I never realized your hair matches the wall!"

Claire: "Wait...Mom's hair matches the walls downstairs but I match the walls in this bathroom, something is not right around here!"

Tyler: "See that cake? Yeah? Watch it disappear after I blow out my candles."

The Baudelaire's definitely love birthdays.

Tyler: "I told you I would make that cake disappear."

Tyler: "I hate chess!"

Tyler: "Why do you keep following me?!"


  1. Aww, the kitty pumpkin was so cute! I have yet to make my sims participate in spooky day activities. :D

    And I never realized the Baudelaire's had such a large tv. O_O

    1. I love the kitty pumpkins. :D

      That is the tv in their game room in the basement, they like to go down there to dance and play video games. :P