Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 149

The Baudelaire's now call Lucky Palms home!

Iso: "On a mission, gotta get that ball and pounce on it."

It looks like Iso is having fun in his new yard.

Do you like living in Lucky Palms?
Cricket: "Of course, it's like a giant litter box!"

Ayla: "I hope the water isn't too cold!"

Ayla: "Ahhh, nothing like a nice relaxing day outside."

Cricket: "What is this little creature and why is it in my house?!"

Cricket: "It's sweet, I guess it can stay."
Loki: "I can stay?!"

Loki: "Yes, clean behind my ears, it feels so purrfect!"

Loki: "Wanna play?"
Iso: "YES! We finally have someone around here that wants to play!"

Colette is the best pancake flipper in town!

Isis: "Wait, don't leave me! Why are you running away from me?!"
Cricket: "It won't stop following me!"

Toby: "What kind of purple creature is this???"

Loki: "I don't like the new kitten, it takes attention and kibble away from me."

Toby: "The new kitten is going to eat all of my kibble!"

I don't even know how to describe this.

Toby: "Myloh creates some very interesting sculptures."

Toby: "They scare me."

They have no shame.

Sleeping cats are so cute!

Ayla: "Grandma, stop playing with the food, I'm hungry and need to go to school now."

Toby: "Did you hear that we get pancakes?!?!"

Time for our baby Loki's birthday!

Loki: "I get to stay and scratch up the furniture because I'm adorable, right?"

Loki *Sneaky Sneaky*

Loki: "Mwahahaha, attack!!!"
Cricket: "What kind of madness is this?!"

Toby: "Stupid cats woke me up from my nap."

Ayla: "I'm about to take over and be heiress, life is awesome!"

Toby: "What is up with your hair?"

Generation 15 begins now! Hopefully Ayla has tons of adorable, red haired Baudelaire babies.

Well hello, who are you?

Ayla: "Who is that cute guy at the front door, should I go introduce myself?"

It looks like they are off to a good start, I always smack someone with a pillow when I first meet them.

Ayla: "Hahaha, take that!"

Andrew: "Is it weird that when you were beating me with that pillow I fell in love with you?"

Iso: "Great, it looks like another crazy is about to join the family."

Get a room!

I didn't mean the bathroom!

Myloh: "What kind of dirty things are happening in my shower?"

Myloh: "Wait, now that it's my birthday I don't think I'm ready for this."

Keely: "Woohoo, sparkles are awesome!"
Myloh: "I don't think this is normal!"

Myloh: "That was a strange transition."

Keely: "I'm ready for my sparkles and cake now."

Keely: "Tada! I look great, right?"

Ayla: "Back away from my boyfriend or you don't get cake."

A lot of new pets joined the family in this chapter, little Loki was first!

Cricket's clone also joined the family!

And we can't forget crazy Toby, it didn't take the craziness long to rub off on him.


  1. Yay! Finally Sunlit Tides! :D Haha, Cricket made me laugh. xD So true! --> "Of course, it's like a giant litter box!"

    The sculptures that sims make scare me. That's why I don't usually make them sculpt. xD

    Ayla grew up beautiful! Her hair! I'm so jealous!

    All of the new pets! I loved it! :D


    1. I love Cricket. ^_^

      Some of Myloh's sculptures really scare me, he must have a strange imagination. :P

  2. Great chapter as always!

    Love the new pets!