Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 129

Kassius: "That baby stinks, is anyone going to change it?"

Carlee: "Look at Mommy's big boy, you can almost walk!"

Kassius and Carlee made it through the infant days so now it's time for a few sparkly birthdays and then onto the scary toddler stage.

Kassius: "Alright, I'm ready for this! I think."


Callie was the first to age up, she turned out so cute and reminds me a lot of Star except for her skin color.


Then it was Colette's turn, she's a mini Chance! I love her already!

Of course.
Kassius: "FIRE! Someone hurry and put it out before it ruins the cake!"
Star: "Chill out, I got this, I can put it out with my little party blower thing."

That didn't work so Star got out the fire extinguisher, she's a pro at putting fires out.


Jayce was last to age up after the fire and I just have to say...he turned out a little awkward.
Jayce: "Who are you calling awkward?"

Bring on the sleepless nights filled with adorable crying toddlers!

Colette: "Did you say I was adorable?!"

It's a miracle, the swings are a lifesaver.

Colette: "Wait...I'm still half asleep, someone say milk?"

It took everyone in the house working together to teach all of the triplets their life skills and still have enough time to teach Brenaden his as well, Carlee was assigned to talking.

Chance was on potty duty, poor guy.
Chance: "Oh it stinks, this kid stinks!"

And Star was busy teaching them to walk.

Brenaden: "Those are my candles, lemme touch them."


Brenaden is still a clone of Carlee and has a weird choice in clothes.

Jayce: "Blocks! I love these blocks!"

This takes me back to the days when Heartleigh stalked Peyson.

Kassius: "That's my girl, not even grown and she's already stalking like her Daddy."

Quiet moments are rare in the house right now but all of the crying is worth all of the cuteness that comes along with it.

and back to the crying...
Callie: "Stupid block, why you no work?!"

Brenaden: "Maybe I should find a different hobby."

Chance: "The poor kid is already taking after his Father!"

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  1. Colette is so cute! I think she is my favoirte out of all the kids. I love her red/orange hair <3