Monday, April 23, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 101

Caden: "Drink your suspicious green bottle juice baby Heartleigh. You need toxic green milk to grow up to be a strong Baudelaire!"

I swear they DO take showers, just not after they blow theirself up.

Hurley: "How did I let a child beat me at chess, how?!"
I would be more worried about your fried hair and crispy undies if I was you.

Brighton was trying to teach Peyson to talk and she was being just a little difficult.

Are you ready for sparkle time, Kettle?!
Kettle: "No, no sparkle time please."

Kettle: "Do. Not. Approve!"

Kettle: "Now that transition felt strange, very strange."
Well, you look strange.

It's already time for baby Heartleigh's birthday, time flies!
Caden: "Do... do I hear an annoying person? I think I do!"

Hurley: "Birthday, yayyyy....."
It looks like we have a party pooper on our hands.


Here's the beautiful and precious Heartleigh! I can tell she's going to take after her Daddy with his dark hair, dark skin and red eyes.

Heartleigh: "I'm watchin' you, Peyson."

Peyson: "Are you just going to let her continue to stalk me?!"

Caslyn: "Oh yeah, they love me, they all LOVE me."

Caslyn is rocking that gray hair and awesome cane!
Caslyn: "I'm sexy and I know it.."

Piper: "What is that freaky thing that Heartleigh is playing with?!"

I love these two little girls! I think they're going to grow up and be best friends, I can't wait to see them when they're older, they will be beautiful! 

Hurley: "I love my little clone baby girl, you are going to grow up to look and act just like Daddy, yes you are!"

Oh please don't let her grow up to be as strange as him, she already has those insane Baudelaire genes working against her.

Hurley: "What? Me strange? Nah, I'm normal, you just have a different view on things."

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