Monday, October 8, 2012

The Baudelaire's 2.0 - Chapter 10

Chloe's childhood came and went, days turned into months, months turned into years and everything around her changed. She grew older but still remained the scared, silent girl she has always been.

Maverick and Lilia took her to countless psychiatrists, hearing and speech therapists and tried all of the newest medicines on the market to try to get her to speak but to no surprise to anyone, they always failed.

Chloe was put on a depression/anxiety drug to try to relieve some anxiety but that just made things worse, by the time the doctor realized that it wasn't working she was already dependent on it so when she was taken off she had serious withdrawals, doctors don't always know everything!

As she laid in bed crying, sick, and in pain, she thought to herself that she was never meant to be someone in life, she knew this problem would haunt her forever and she would never become the person she wanted to be, she only wanted to be free from this problem that controlled her every move, her every thought.

The medicine even caused her to hallucinate a little, she wouldn't get into bed without checking for monsters first, she always ran out of her room screaming for Daddy because she just knew there was something under her bed.

She got so shy while she was at school so she was removed from public school and put into a home school with just fourteen other kids, most of them were older than her but she didn't care, it was easier to focus and get better grades with less people to interact with. She still excelled in everything she did, just because she was silent that didn't mean she was stupid as well.

Her dogs were still her best friends, and Pauline of course. She knew she could always count on them to be there, even if everyone else gave up on her, which it looked like everyone had already given up because they stopped trying to get her to speak.
Maverick and Lilia were still fighting everyday, you don't know what that environment does to a child, especially one that is already "messed up in the head" as everyone says.
They loved each other but something must have happened between them, something that they wouldn't tell anyone, Chloe knew it was serious but never wanted to get involved.

The time came for Chloe's 13th birthday party, she was finally going to be a teenager! She loved the thought of that.

Maverick set a nice little party up and invited Pauline over, she thought he did really good with the decorations and couldn't believe the size of her cake!

 Chloe could tell her Mom and Dad weren't happy with each other during the party but she tried to put those thoughts aside and enjoy the one day she had for herself.
She saw her Dad leave for a little while during the party, she wasn't sure where he went but when he came back he had the best birthday present a daughter could get from her Dad, a new puppy!

 Now she had another baby to add to her little army of dogs, she loved them with all of her heart, her Daddy knew just what she wished for when she blew out her candles.
She was definitely a Daddy's girl.

Again the days came and went, a few months went by and Lilia told Maverick if he messed up one more time she was leaving for good and taking their little girl with her, Chloe didn't know what was going on but she knew it wasn't good.

 A month or so later Lilia must have had her last straw with whatever was going on, she packed their bags and headed to her sister's house to stay to think things through.
Chloe was devastated that she had to leave her Daddy and all of her puppies, she just wanted the happy family she used to have and she still blamed the split on herself for causing so much stress.
After staying with her Aunt for three months and only seeing her Dad a handful of times Chloe realized this was permanent, it wasn't just some time to think as her Mom said, they were officially over. Chloe was upset but knew it was for the best, all of the fighting was finally over.

Was this a new beginning for Chloe or would it be the beginning of an even harder and longer road ahead? She didn't know the answers but of course there will be a lot of twists and turns with her battle with Selective Mutism and newly divorced parents.

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