Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 127 (Introducing Generation 13!)

Kassius: "Time to master this potion making so I can stock up on potions to destroy the world."

Kassius: "Well, that didn't turn out too great, I guess I'll just go to bed."
You better take a shower before you get in that bed!

Kassius: "Mwahahaha, I slept in the bed dirty! You don't like me so much now, do you?!"

Riley: "Stupid, evil Kassius! He better not sleep in that bed dirty again or I'll get him while he's asleep."
I think it's about time for you to move out.

Riley: "Why is he talking to her?! He is only supposed to talk to me."

Riley finally cheered up long enough to have a party, time to get this show on the road so we can get this lunatic out of the house.

Star: "My little boy, he's so weird special."

How did you turn out so pretty?!

Now it's time for our little Mason to age up!

He has some big ears but is still so cute.
Mason: "You like my ears? You know you like them."

These two are so cute together, the over emotional, crazy girl and the girly boy.

Mason surprised everyone by popping the question before they moved out, of course Riley said yes!

Carlee: "You wanna try for a baby now that your Brother and Riley are out of the house?"

Carlee: "I would really like to know who took the clothes out of the washer and didn't put them in the dryer!"

Hershey: "What was that noise?!"

Hershey: "The big, bad tv is going to get me!"
The Baudelaire's are crazy, it only makes sense that the dogs are too.

Is this the first sign that generation 13 is on the way?
We all know it is.

Of course it is!
After announcing the pregnancy, Carlee went down to the book store and got a pregnancy book to read.

Ready to grow up and move out into the world on your own?

Tripp: "This cake stinks, I don't want to grow up."

Tripp: "Scratch that, this cake is awesome! I still don't want to move out though."

Since when are you really cute? You were always the awkward child.

Kassius: "How are you doing with the pregnancy so far, Carlee?"
Star: "My baby, he's going to have a baby."
Star has turned into a major creeper lately.

Kassius and Carlee decided to have some pregnancy pictures taken while they patiently wait for their little one.

I'm not ready for my Chance A Roo to grow up!

Chance: "Don't worry, I still look good."

Carlee: "I've never experienced this whole labor and delivery thing but I'm pretty sure this baby is coming!"

Yep, you know a baby is on the way when a Baudelaire freaks out.

Kassius: "Wait..I don't think I'm ready to be a Daddy, I change my mind!"
Carlee: "Toooo lateee!"

After Chance lost interest and Kassius wandered off, Carlee had a bouncing baby boy!

Introducing generation 13, Brenaden Baudelaire!

Okayyy...nothing strange about this, nothing at all.

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